April 2020 Highlights

This might have been the strangest April in a long time (ever?). I typically enjoy the month, but was very happy to see it end this year. Despite its strangeness, there are definitely highlights to share! I didn’t write one of these in March and regret it – I love being able to look back at the month and find those sparks of joy sprinkled throughout.

Tomorrow I’ll use this to link up with Ginny at Small Things for her monthly Yarn Along. Ginny’s blog is beautiful and I admire her ability to find joy in every day life. Please go visit her!

On the 15th I’ll link up with Anne Bogel at The Modern Mrs. Darcy, where so many readers share the books they’ve been loving lately. Have you visited Anne? She’s a Reader (with a capital R) and has a warm and inviting blog.

Favorite Books

I found April to be a hard month for reading, but I did really enjoy a couple of books.

I continued my year long dedication to Anne with Anne of Windy Poplars. Anne found a lovely house to live in while teaching in Summerside and waiting for Gilbert to finish medical school. There’s a hilarious cast of characters, as usual. I was worried that this book was going to be one long letter to Gilbert, but luckily it wasn’t. I love Montgomery’s ability to describe a setting – she’s such a kindred spirit and knows exactly what I’m looking for in a dreamscape.

The Brave Learner was a great parenting book, with or without the element of homeschooling in your life! Julie Bogart is an awesome advocate in the homeschooling world. Everything she writes welcomes the secular family into the fold and she genuinely believes in the power of love.

Hobonichi Layouts

My Hobonichi Weeks was a constant companion. It kept me on track, grounded, and feeling accomplished despite the strangeness of the month. I continued writing short updates about each day on the left side of the spread. On the right side I tracked my weekly tasks, my daily habits, and my writing time each week. I love the weekly format because it allows me to adjust and tweak daily without worrying about the blank spots a monthly tracker would create.

Knitting Progress

It’s so fun to see these updates side by side – you can actually see growth each week! I worked diligently on my Birkin sweater in April. My goal was to finish it by Mother’s Day, which isn’t likely to happen. But that’s okay because I’m really enjoying this project!

Morning Pages

April saw a return of morning pages for me! I’d stopped for three weeks in March and early April due to an illness, but I started again on April 6 and didn’t miss a single day after that! I continue to appreciate how much this practice helps me stay centered and calm throughout the day.

My materials for morning pages are simple – this inexpensive lined notebook and my favorite Pilot Precise V5 pen are all I need.

How was April for you? Are you glad that it’s over? Or did you find way to savor as much of it as you could? I’d love to hear from you!


12 thoughts on “April 2020 Highlights

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  1. You sweater is growing beautifully!! Wow 🙂

    April had highs and lows, but my greatest help has been journaling. Thank you for the link to the book you use! (and I really love your leather cover)

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  2. I love seeing the progress on your Birkin! It can be hard to feel like progress is being made day to day, but when you put all these photos side by side, you can really see it. Even if you don’t finish it by Mother’s Day, you’re well on your way to a sweater!

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    1. Isn’t it cool?! I had fun putting together this post because it felt like I was compiling a whole month’s worth of work – it’s fun to see the sweater grow, the pages in my hobonichi become filled, and all of the written journal pages all together… it’s like all of the little things I do every day finally add up into something big!


  3. I feel like I don’t remember much of April haha – went by in a flash. I love everything you’re doing to bring purpose and meaning into this crazy time – I need to get better at that!! And wow your sweater is looking amazing. It’s so cool to see it grow

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yay, morning pages! I tried to do them and started at a really funny time- the end of Feb- so it’s been really interesting to go back and read Corona unfold. I do need to get back into them though! I feel so much better when I do.

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