A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 49 of 2020

Hello! Each Monday morning I share a look into my notebook from the week before. I believe that it helps me look at how I'm using my time and how that aligns with my goals and values. And it's pretty ūüôā Materials used:¬†Travelers Notebook weekly insert¬†|¬†pastel highlighters¬†|¬†Pilot g-tec-c .25 Hyper Fine Point pens GREEN |... Continue Reading →

A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 46 of 2020

Each Monday morning I spend a bit of time reflecting on the previous week. It's a few moments of examining how I spent my time and how it aligns with my current goals. Things went pretty well at The Cozy Burrow last week! Materials used:¬†Travelers Notebook weekly insert¬†|¬†pastel highlighters¬†|¬†Pilot g-tec-c .25 Hyper Fine Point pens... Continue Reading →

August 2020 Highlights

I'm very happy to say goodbye to August and hello to September. Hello Fall! I've been writing these monthly highlight posts to wrap up each month. So much of what I do each day is immediately undone -- cleaning, cooking, putting away laundry --it all needs to be done again every day and it can... Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Daily Journaling

Last Tuesday was a special day for me - it marked 100 straight days of daily journaling! I've been a journaler since I was a little girl, but I've always struggled with consistency. It was easier to journal daily once I switched to writing in the morning, but I still found it difficult to haul... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 22 of 2020

How do you even write a post when we're in the midst of such unrest in the US? How do I do anything except stay glued to the TV? It's moments such as these that I'm thankful for the habits I've cultivated - without them, I'd feel completely unmoored right now. My Hobonichi Weeks has... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 21 of 2020

Greetings, friends! On Mondays I take a few moments to reflect back on the week that just ended. I track my days in my Hobonichi Weeks. The weekly format is perfect for leaving the previous week behind - well documented, of course - and starting fresh each Monday morning. In my Weeks, I track my... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 20 of 2020

We've arrived at Monday again, friends. My weekend was a mixed bag weather-wise, but we got some really amazing thunderstorms on Friday night that made the humidity worthwhile. The peas in our garden loved the watering, but so did the weeds. It's a good thing that I enjoy weeding! On Mondays I like to take... Continue Reading →

April 2020 Highlights

This might have been the strangest April in a long time (ever?). I typically enjoy the month, but was very happy to see it end this year. Despite its strangeness, there are definitely highlights to share! I didn't write one of these in March and regret it - I love being able to look back... Continue Reading →

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