Less | A Knitting Lesson

It's the last Monday of the month, which means Carolyn is hosting an official one little word link-up! Be sure to visit her and the other bloggers sharing their words this week -- it's always a treat to read everyone's progress. I've been writing about my own word a lot this year, but this entry... Continue Reading →

Less | Setting Priorities

It's Monday again! I hope everyone's weekend was exactly what they needed. I'm sorry I skipped out on my Friday post; I was planning to share a stitching project that I finished weeks ago, but still haven't taken pictures of it. And when I saw Thursday slip through my fingers without a moment to spare,... Continue Reading →

Less | Smile, Breathe, and Go Slowly

Today is Carolyn's first official link-up for our 2023 words! Please visit her and all of the other one little worders sharing their reflections this week. I'm really excited about my word (Less) because I feel like it gives me a ton of flexibility. Yes -- my main goals are less clutter, less spending, and... Continue Reading →

Less | Pursue Ultimate Simplicity

"Dormice don’t work to a strict timetable; their hibernation is dependent on the weather. They spend the early autumn building up reserves of the liquid brown fat that make them squishy to the touch; as Hazel shows me, you can leave fingerprints on a hibernating dormouse, so fluid is the layer of fat underneath its... Continue Reading →

Less In 2023

This is my sixth year to choose a word for the year, believe it or not. Funnily enough, I feel like I've almost come full circle. My first word in 2018 was abundance and today I'm sharing my goal of less. And really - they are the same idea. They're about being content with what... Continue Reading →

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