Pilcher Discussion

Happy Thursday! You don't usually hear from me on Thursdays but I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled program for an update on our discussion of The Shell Seekers. There’s a small group of us reading The Shell Seekers in August and we’re itching to discuss it. I have been worried about spoiling the book for anyone else and... Continue Reading →

Bookish Chatter | I’m On A Roll

How can it possibly be Wednesday again?! This week has gone by in a blur, probably because I've had my nose stuck in a book during every conceivable second. Remember how I always say that I ebb and flow? Sometimes I can't imagine reading anything and sometimes I can't do anything but read? Well... proceed... Continue Reading →

Friday | It’s Been A Hot Week!

We have made it to Friday. I'm relieved and hope you're also looking forward to a weekend with slightly less pressure-filled days. Fridays are for focusing on joy here at The Cozy Burrow, so I'm sharing a few things that have been helping me through this crazy hot week. I have some knitting updates, a... Continue Reading →

Dear August

August is my least favorite month. It tends to be hot and humid and it's our last hurdle to fall. But instead of dwelling on all of the things I dislike about August, I decided to write it a love letter. I went through the pictures on my phone and found quite a few from... Continue Reading →

Surrender | July 2022

July! The seventh month of 2022 is nearing its end. There are only 5 more One Little Word Updates left for Surrender. I can't believe it. The monthly check-ins that Carolyn hosts keep me on track with this little endeavor of mine and I'm so thankful for her! Please be sure to visit her blog... Continue Reading →

Hey! Ho! I Have An FO!

Happy Friday, friends. I have some exciting things to share today. I finished knitting something! And summer really is here because everything is green and beginning to ripen. I hope you have something caffeinated to drink this morning because I have a lot of pictures to share with you. I finished my DRK Everyday Sweater... Continue Reading →

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