A Friday in March

I am so relieved that it's Friday. It's been quite a week and I'm looking forward to Matthew being home this weekend and giving me a little extra help with the kids. I meant to write and publish this post this morning but it was one of those unpredictable ones and the day certainly hasn't... Continue Reading →

Bookish Chatter | A Stellar Week

Happy March 1st! March is considered spring in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Not in New Hampshire, but I take heart in knowing that so many of my blogging friends are seeing blooming crocuses and daffodils. I have had an embarrassingly stellar week of reading and have very little time this morning to write... Continue Reading →

Less | A Knitting Lesson

It's the last Monday of the month, which means Carolyn is hosting an official one little word link-up! Be sure to visit her and the other bloggers sharing their words this week -- it's always a treat to read everyone's progress. I've been writing about my own word a lot this year, but this entry... Continue Reading →

Wait — Could That Be A Crocus?

You know what those are, right? Those are crocus blades! I took this picture on Monday and, although the crocuses have been recovered with snow, I know that they are down there and patiently waiting for spring. And that makes everything a little bit better. I signed off on Wednesday promising a Friday post and,... Continue Reading →

Less | Setting Priorities

It's Monday again! I hope everyone's weekend was exactly what they needed. I'm sorry I skipped out on my Friday post; I was planning to share a stitching project that I finished weeks ago, but still haven't taken pictures of it. And when I saw Thursday slip through my fingers without a moment to spare,... Continue Reading →

February Thaw?

Colton just got on the bus and I have a few minutes to type a paragraph or two before Bryce, Bronwyn, and I get started with school today. I have a small bout of spring fever this morning and have had flowers on my mind. A quick glance at my blog reader this morning makes... Continue Reading →

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