Bookish Chatter | Nearing the End of October!

Happy Wednesday, friends. There's only a handful of days left in October and I've been savoring these last few days before Halloween. The weather has been beautifully Halloween-y: rainy, cloudy, plenty of fog. The slippery leaves on the ground add an extra layer of eeriness! I have been so pleased by the fall this year.... Continue Reading →

A Weekend Full of Leaves

Last week was a strange one - I couldn't pull anything together for the blog for some reason. I feel bad about missing my Monday and Friday posts, but that's just how it goes sometimes. I'm hoping this will be a more typical week for me! This is the picture I meant to share on... Continue Reading →

Friday | A Week in October

Our maple tree somehow still has leaves on it despite how quickly my lap gets covered when I'm sitting under it and reading, even for just a few minutes. It rained all day yesterday and it is forecasted to keep raining today. We will see what that does to the leaves this weekend! I'm enjoying... Continue Reading →

September 2022 Reading

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. On Friday I mentioned that I wanted to get to the mountains this weekend but thought it wouldn't be possible. I'm happy to say that we went! The traffic was insane and the Kanc was crawling with tourists, but for good reason. The foliage was at... Continue Reading →

Friday | October!

What a difference a week makes! The orange leaves have crawled up our maple tree since I shared a picture last Friday and we're closer to a totally turned tree. We're hoping for a drive into the mountains this weekend to see how much the foliage has changed since our last trip a few weeks... Continue Reading →

October Reading Plans

Hello, October! In the blink of an eye, the trees have changed color and the ground has a coating of leaves. It is amazing how quickly this change happens. I'm totally here for this shift because I am so ready to start my burrowing for the year. There's nothing better than getting cozied up with... Continue Reading →

Goodbye September

This is the state of our maple tree right now. Some light orange at the bottom, a few leaves on the ground (which you can't see). This time next month will be a different story - and that will be here before we know it! Today is the last day of September, which has been... Continue Reading →

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