A Look Into Our Notebooks Week 45 of 2020

Every Monday morning I spend a few moments reflecting on the previous week. We make so many choices about how to spend our time and I believe that it's important to seize the opportunity to examine those choices and how they serve us. Materials used: Travelers Notebook weekly insert | pastel highlighters | Pilot g-tec-c .25 Hyper Fine Point pens... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem – Thanksgiving

Wendell Berry continues to sustain me. It is late November, Thanksgiving,and the slow rain falls as all dayit has fallen. The mists driftin the treetops along Camp Branch.The ewe flock grazes the green slopeas in a dream of a paintingby Samuel Palmer. There is no wind.It is completely quiet. From the distancecomes only the sound... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies – Week 45 of 2020

Fridays around here are for sharing joyful moments from the week. Typically I share a handful of pictures and give a little update on our week. This week will be a little different because I took ZERO pictures! I've been feeling the stress from the election - and I'm sure you've been feeling it, too.... Continue Reading →

October 2020 Highlights

I put together a post full of highlights at the end of each month. This practice is helpful when you feel like your little habits aren't making a difference in your life. It's an opportunity to gather up all of your goals and revel in how much you've accomplished by simply doing a little at... Continue Reading →

Present – October 2020 Update

I'm joining Honor√© at Morning Glory Studio and writing about my One Little Word - Present (click here to view all of my posts on this topic this year). Today I'm sharing a poem and a prayer that arrived in my life in their own perfect moments. I shared this Wendell Berry poem just a... Continue Reading →

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