Hi there!  I am a 30-something mom working part-time at a Community Mental Health Center in the Quality Assurance department.  I live in New Hampshire and grew up in Texas – two very different states!  I have a graduate degree in Social Work, but sometimes wish I could trade it in for a degree in Library and Information Science!  Will they do that?  Just switch out the degrees??  If you’re into Myers Briggs like me, it would be helpful to know that I’m a proud INFP!

Fair warning about my blog: this isn’t a carefully curated collection of work.  I have so many interests that it’s ridiculous and this space reflects that.  This is my Messy Marginalia.

The common denominator among my interests is simple: they are cozy.  I love reading & writing, knitting, and quilting.

Bryce (2.5) and Colton (1)

I have been a reader since Elementary School and spent many of those years making extensive lists – books that I’ve read, books that I want to read – so it was a natural progression to finally start a book blog.  I started this blog because I wanted to connect with other readers; in real life, I am very introverted and find it hard to strike up conversations with anyone about anything, so I only have a few very close friendships.  I also wanted my own little slice of cyberspace to think about and set goals for reading and writing.

August Thimbles, my Maine Coon Cat


Authors that I often turn to are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Kate Atkinson, Margaret Atwood, Jane Austen, Pema Chödrön, Roald Dahl, Maureen Dowd, Tana French, Joanne Harris, Alice Hoffman, bell hooksShirley Jackson, Kate Morton, Joyce Carol OatesSylvia Plath, Philip PullmanBarbara Pym, J. K. Rowling, and Zadie Smith.  I am trying to read more of the “classics,” so am always up for a read-a-long!

But here’s my challenge: I go through long periods of time when I’m a focused and dedicated reader.  But then I go through long periods of time when I’m trying to create as much as possible!  That’s where my knitting and sewing comes in.  I’m learning to embrace that about myself and to just go wherever my flow takes me!

Thank you for joining me over here.  I hope you enjoy!


**Please note that I am an Amazon Affiliate.  This means that I make a small profit on any purchases that you may make from the links that I provide.  But I will never post anything that I don’t love or have genuine interest in myself.  Thank you!**

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