Book Hangovers

Have you ever had a book hangover? Have you ever read a book and then realized that nothing could possibly meet your expectations ever again? Sometimes the writing is amazing and it leaves you feeling in awe of the power of words. Sometimes it's the story that takes your breath away. Every once in a... Continue Reading →

Favorite Couples in Books

Happy week of love! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite relationships in books. I don't tend to read a ton of romance, but authors are really good at sneaking in the intrigue in nearly every novel! I've tried to include a nice variety of relationships: long-standing and comfortable, new and spicy, unrequited and quiet,... Continue Reading →

More TBR

Today I'm joining Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl to share books on my TBR that I predict will be 5 stars. That's really easy, because I predict that every book that I add to my TBR is going to be 5 stars! I'm usually wrong, but that's okay. A few weeks ago I shared... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 5 of 2020

Happy Monday! I missed last week's Hobonichi check-in because I was down with the stomach bug. Instead of scurrying to pull together a post, I just let that one go. Onwards and upwards! I am working hard to adjust the sleeping routines of my two youngest. The last couple of weeks they've been waking up... Continue Reading →

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