Q1 2020 Reading Update – By the Numbers

Can you believe that we're a quarter of the way through 2020?! It's been the weirdest year. You'd think that my reading would increase with everything shut down, but I've found it difficult to sustain my concentration and I'm so tired in the evenings during my typical reading time! Nevertheless, I've had an excellent reading... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 11 of 2020

Happy Tuesday! I usually write these posts on Monday, but I have been knocked out by a cold. The weekend was an absolute mess that I'd hoped would clear up on Monday, but unfortunately not. I only managed to sleep last night by taking an extraordinary amount of robitussin. I've been taking as much cold... Continue Reading →

Spring Reading

This week I'm sharing the books I hope to read this spring. I love writing these seasonal posts because they help me make a plan for the next few months. Thank you to Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting this topic! Last night an email went out from my public library: they are... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 10 of 2020

Hello friends! I hope the beginning of this week is treating you well. We just had a bright and sunny weekend that did great things for our spring flowers. But it was still quite frigid, which made it difficult to spend long periods of time outside! This time change is killing me already! Last week,... Continue Reading →

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