Friday | Easter?

Welcome to Friday, friends! Can you believe that Easter is this weekend? It has completely snuck up on me, as usual. Luckily, our yard is looking a little more Spring-like to match the holiday this weekend. I remember the year that we had snow on the ground during our egg hunt - that made things... Continue Reading →

Bookish Coincidences

Sometimes I notice the strangest coincidences when I'm reading. I wrote about this nearly a year ago: maybe it's the same odd name used in subsequent books, or the fact that every book I'm reading uses bees as imagery. But every once in a while, it seems like the stars align and patterns start to... Continue Reading →

Friday | Will Spring Actually Arrive?

You guys. This week. It's been difficult to keep my head above water! I started to list all of my little challenges, but then deleted them. That's not what these Friday posts are about! Instead, won't you pour a warm drink and pine for spring and talk books with me? Hyacinths Crocuses Tulips This week... Continue Reading →

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