Bookish Chatter | March Has Crept In

Good morning! This week continues to feel upside down but I'm here today to share my recent reading with you. As I alluded to on Monday, my reading has slowed down quite a bit after a busy February. But I have one finished readaloud for you, an update on my slow and steady reads, and... Continue Reading →

February 2023 Reading Review

This weekend was full of time outside in the snow - it was wonderful (and exhausting)! Last week was winter vacation here in New Hampshire so we had very little structure, but it snowed nearly every day so there was plenty to keep us busy. And this morning was an awkward start -- I accidentally... Continue Reading →

Bookish Chatter | A Stellar Week

Happy March 1st! March is considered spring in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Not in New Hampshire, but I take heart in knowing that so many of my blogging friends are seeing blooming crocuses and daffodils. I have had an embarrassingly stellar week of reading and have very little time this morning to write... Continue Reading →

January 2023 Reading Review

2023 has started off quite bookishly. I love putting together these monthly reviews, mostly because it's interesting to see what I actually remember about books after I've finished them. Luckily, I have my notebooks to help me fill in the cracks. This post was easy to write because all of the books were memorable! Addy's... Continue Reading →

Bookish Chatter | Catching Up

I didn't do a bookish update last week so I'm going to try to quickly catch up on what I've been reading. And I mean quick: it's 4:45 and Colton is already awake so my time is very short! Books Finished in the Last Two Weeks: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow seemed like an epic... Continue Reading →

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