Friday Joys

Happy Friday, friends. The sky is bright blue, the last few leaves are rattling on the maple tree in our front yard, and I have Colin Powell's funeral on in the background (the military band is currently playing ABBA as I type this - I love it!). The kids are playing and I'm stealing a... Continue Reading →

November Anticipation

Friends, I am so inspired by all of you. It seems like everyone is upping their blogging game and writing the coziest and most lovely posts - I am loving it! I'm dropping in today to share some pictures of life around here lately. We've been having afternoon teatime everyday and this makes me so... Continue Reading →

The LAST Friday of October

I am gutted that we've already reached the last Friday of October. This was such a hard month for us, but I'm happy to report that we've had some major successes this week that have given me a tremendous amount of hope. So things are looking up around here! And I have a lot of... Continue Reading →

Stillness | October 2021

Can you believe it's the last week of October? This is my favorite month and I'll be sad to say goodbye to it. And as we get closer to the end of 2021, I'm beginning to think of next year's word and what I'm looking to learn from it. But before then, I'm happy to... Continue Reading →

The Queen of Stitching*

Happy Friday! I hope the week treated you well. We're still struggling with a virus running through the house, so this was another rough week here at The Cozy Burrow. But I managed to eke out a few cute things despite my foggy brain and tired body! *This week Bryce told me that I was... Continue Reading →

Sunday Catch Up

Greetings, fellow bloggers! This morning I've managed to wake up nice and early and sit down with a hot cup of coffee. The wind is blowing and, while it's still pitch black outside, I can hear the leaves falling. This a morning rhythm I've missed over the last few months and am hoping to invite... Continue Reading →

A Friday in October

It is OCTOBER - my favorite month. The leaves are falling. The air is crisp. I'm drinking Just Elderflower tea by the pot. This is my idea of perfection! We closed our windows this week. I'll miss the fresh air in the house until we open them again in the late spring, but love how... Continue Reading →

Stillness | September 2021

It's the last Tuesday of the month, so I'm checking in with Carolyn and my One Little Word. You can see all of my Stillness posts here. September was a month of feeling unsteady, off-kilter, and not quite like myself. It was a time of paring down and changing focus. The biggest shift for me... Continue Reading →

Needle & Thread Weekend

It's seems like so many of my blogger friends are feeling the way I am - off-kilter, unlike ourselves, and generally unsettled. But Juliann asked a wonderful question this morning: What brings you energy? And my answer (right now, anyway) is: needle and thread. I've been staying up a little too late every night thanks... Continue Reading →

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