A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 46 of 2020

Each Monday morning I spend a bit of time reflecting on the previous week. It’s a few moments of examining how I spent my time and how it aligns with my current goals. Things went pretty well at The Cozy Burrow last week!

Materials used: Travelers Notebook weekly insert | pastel highlighters | Pilot g-tec-c .25 Hyper Fine Point pens

GREEN | Writing
We are still struggling with the time change around here, so I haven’t had my full 2 hours of writing in a while. It doesn’t help that I’m battling the urge to hibernate, so waking up early enough has been difficult. Yet – I still managed to wake up and write my morning pages every day (today marks day 225), so I’ll still claim success with this category.

PURPLE | Blackberry Bluff School
I’m so pleased that we managed to get back on track last week. We didn’t do anything formal on Monday morning because Baby Birdie had a doctor’s appointment, but Bear stayed quite busy playing math and reading games on his ipad. Another successful category this week!

BLUE | Outside time
We’re still playing with the structure of our day to find the right time to get outside. Luckily the kids got lots of outside time this weekend with my husband, but it’s not in my notebook because I was inside catching up on some long overdue chores.

PINK & ORANGE | Reading (pink = physical and ebooks; orange = audiobooks)
I’ve continued to lean on audiobooks to keep me afloat here – which is okay! It just means fewer finishes than when I’m spending a ton of time reading on my own. And fewer finished books with audiobooks is better than NO finished books, which is where I’d be without the option to listen to audio! I’m thankful for the Libby app and my library – we’re so lucky to be alive right now!

YELLOW | Stitching
I was able to spend a sliver of time on my Scrappy Crossroads quilt – y’all, the quilting is nearly done. I’m going to be ready to bind in no time. Most of my stitching time was devoted to my english paper piecing quilt, as you probably guessed. I have some amazing progress to share with you on Wednesday!!

I’m getting a little frustrated by how slowly all of my stitching projects are progressing. There’s so many things I want to make and I can’t seem to get much done! I had the thought that I could stay up later and work on these projects if I started to skip morning pages and just abandon my blog. But I don’t think I really want to do that… this is just the season of life I’m in. I keep reminding myself that slow progress is better than no progress.

Water (water droplets at the bottom of each column. A blue droplet equals one glass of water) – I’m trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I didn’t reach that goal at all last week and my progress got worse as the week went on. Today’s a new day.

Exercise – I don’t have a smart goal for exercise, but I should probably think about one. I did yoga once last week, which felt amazing. But I’m so stiff and tense right now and it’s clear that I need to find a way to really focus on my health. 2021 will be the year that I get this figured out!

If you’ve recently published a post about your own notebooks or the progress of your own goals, please leave a link in the comments. I’d love a bit of inspiration! And how do you work exercise into your daily life and measure your success?


13 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 46 of 2020

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  1. Progress is progress, no matter how slow. Re: drinking water, do you have a water bottle you keep with you? I have a 24 oz. bottle that’s always next to me, and even if I don’t feel thirsty, I try to take a few gulps even now and then. I try to fill and empty it twice each day. That, plus the Dixie cupfuls I take my pills with in the morning and my typical glass of water with dinner, usually gets me to 66 oz. or so each day. When I run, I try to drink an extra 24 oz.

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  2. You are doing so incredibly well juggling all the balls of family life- I bet you get plenty of exercise just keeping everything afloat- the best way yo get exercise is to get a dog- they nag you until you take them their walks! I need to get another one.

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    1. Oh, a dog! I’d love a dog. Sometimes. And other times it feels like my life is too chaotic as it is. But a dog is certainly on the ten year plan 😉 I hope you DO get another one soon!!

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  3. The water droplets are brilliant! (I am a forgetter of water as well!) I think your weeks look amazingly organized – despite how that might feel for you! Your successes inspire me… thank you!

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  4. Congratulations on the quilt!! It will look amazing but yeah, I can imagine that it takes some while! Regarding the exercise, I know that Lucy at Attic24 shared a post fairly recently about her exercises, and I think she has a 7 Minute video link in her post with HITT (or HIIT? I always forget) videos which are very effective and don’t last ages. The workout I do is also about 10 minute and full body, I can send you the link somehwere if you like.

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    1. Thanks Julia! The problem with me and working out: I don’t like to feel jostled. So those HIIT workouts look amazing, but they’re incredibly jostling, haha. I’m thinking about ways to work in yoga and walks… gentle!!

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  5. I think you’d laugh to see my planner pages since March… A once full calendar has been virtually empty. I even questioned getting a new one for next year. Lately can’t find motivation for planning anything beyond the day at hand… It’s difficult enough. Seeing other posts are encouraging though.

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    1. Oh, gosh. It’s amazing how much has been affected by covid, isn’t it? I don’t have a ton on my agenda each day and do very little planning ahead. Instead, every few hours I check in with my notebook and document what I HAVE done. It keeps me grounded and thinking about how I’m using my time. Good luck!!

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