Hobonichi Weeks – Week 25 of 2020

On Monday mornings I like to spend a few minutes reflecting back on the week that just ended. My trusted Hobonichi Weeks helps me with this - I use its lush tamoe river paper to track my daily/weekly tasks, my daily habits that I'm working to strengthen, and my writing time each day. On the... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 22 of 2020

How do you even write a post when we're in the midst of such unrest in the US? How do I do anything except stay glued to the TV? It's moments such as these that I'm thankful for the habits I've cultivated - without them, I'd feel completely unmoored right now. My Hobonichi Weeks has... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 21 of 2020

Greetings, friends! On Mondays I take a few moments to reflect back on the week that just ended. I track my days in my Hobonichi Weeks. The weekly format is perfect for leaving the previous week behind - well documented, of course - and starting fresh each Monday morning. In my Weeks, I track my... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 16 of 2020

I hope you had a great weekend. Last Friday I made a wish for warmer weather and time in the garden, yet woke up to snow on Saturday morning! Luckily, nothing stuck and we had a beautiful Sunday. On Mondays I share the previous week's planner spread. I use a Hobonichi Weeks, which I adore.... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 11 of 2020

Happy Tuesday! I usually write these posts on Monday, but I have been knocked out by a cold. The weekend was an absolute mess that I'd hoped would clear up on Monday, but unfortunately not. I only managed to sleep last night by taking an extraordinary amount of robitussin. I've been taking as much cold... Continue Reading →

Hobonichi Weeks – Week 10 of 2020

Hello friends! I hope the beginning of this week is treating you well. We just had a bright and sunny weekend that did great things for our spring flowers. But it was still quite frigid, which made it difficult to spend long periods of time outside! This time change is killing me already! Last week,... Continue Reading →

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