A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 2 of 2021

Good morning, friends. Every Monday morning I use my blogging time to look back at the previous week. I’m a firm believer that we build our lives one moment at a time and I try to ensure that I’m using my time in ways that match my goals and values. As usual, last week was very different than the week before and yet I’m still moving in the right direction overall.

Materials used: Travelers Notebook weekly insert | pastel highlighters | Pilot g-tec-c .25 Hyper Fine Point pens

GREEN | Writing Time
I continue to show up to my journal every morning – today marks day 288. I also spent time working on my blog every day last week, which feels good! I’m still looking for time throughout the day for writing, but we’ll get there. Or not – and that’s okay, too.

ORANGE | Healthy Stuff
Still doing 5 minutes of meditation each morning. I’ll say more about that in my Stillness post later this month, but for now I want to share that this practice has been imperfect and still very welcomed. I again managed 3 workouts on my exercise bike and 3 sessions of Yoga with Adriene. You might notice that I made it to Friday, realized that I hadn’t done any exercise this week, and did 3 days straight of yoga and the bike. I guess that’s okay, too. (And last night was the dreaded Day 6 of Yoga with Adriene… I’m hoping it’s all smooth sailing from here!)

PINK | Reading Time
Not as much reading time this week which is perfectly fine given how over the top my reading was the last couple of weeks. I’m still leaning heavily on audiobooks, but have been glued to the television in the evenings when I’m stitching so my listening time has dropped considerably. I’m ready for things to slow down in the world!

PURPLE | Blackberry Bluff School
We’re struggling to get our homeschooling feet back under us after our little break for the holidays. I’m brainstorming ways to bring some excitement back into the morning and to get us all motivated to show up and do the work.

YELLOW | Stitching Time
I spent the bulk of my free time stitching last week. I knitted socks, worked on my hexies quilt, and started The Stay At Home Round Robin challenge. It feels good to be making again and I’m feeling the pull to go all in on lots of projects, but am also trying to remember stillness.

BLUE | Outside Time
We made it outside for a play session yesterday! All surfaces were completely coated in ice and somehow we all survived fairly unscathed. I’m planning to try something different today to ensure we work outside play into our daily routine – wish me luck!

Water – another perfect water week! For a while I was trying to drink half of my water intake before 8am which resulted in running to the bathroom often. I’m slowing it down now – I try to drink 1/4 of my intake before 8, 1/2 before noon, 3/4 before 3, and the full 64 ounces before I fall asleep. That leaves me plenty of room for hot cups of coffee in the morning and early afternoon, as well as a nice cup of tea while I’m stitching in the evening. And I’m not rushing back into the house and running to the bathroom if I have to leave for an errand! You’d think that it would have been obvious to spread my water intake out like that, but I tend to be all or nothing. Even when drinking water!

Weather – Lots of clouds throughout the week and a heavy downpour of rain on Saturday. But I’m often reminded that the days are getting longer and spring is coming! I’m taking inventory of my plant starter supplies in the basement and am hoping to start setting things up in late February/March. We have a little greenhouse with special lights down there and I’m determined to be a good plant mama this year!

Covid – I’m still tracking the daily covid case counts for my state in the gray bar at the top of the page as well as in my 5 year journal. I’m hoping that I won’t be doing that next year and it will simply be an amazing memory to look back on!!

I hope you all have a safe and peaceful start to your week. I hope we all find ways to be mindful about our news consumption during this unsettling week and practice focusing on the joy around us.


14 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 2 of 2021

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    1. Thanks Juliann – we were fine! A couple of falls but all was well. I’m glad you spent some time with your notebooks this weekend – it sounds heavenly 🙂


  1. Interesting and inspiring to read your Monday posts. I have reached day 89 of morning pages, and still can’t believe the change that has come in me. My news consumption is going down, there is only so much I wan to read about how many people have been vacinated etc.. the car passed its MOT test today, which means it was deemed road worthy and safe to drive, the whole thing went so smoothly I’m a bit shocked, as these days everthing seems to be hard. Have a great will- why not try a listening walk outside with the children? I used to do these when I taught pre-schoolers.

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  2. My reading time has also diminished, thanks to the news and work getting busier. I’m hoping to see a change in that trend this week.

    I do things a little differently now that I’m at home, but when I was still going to the office, I’d try to drink one refill of my water bottle (24 oz.) by lunch and a second in the afternoon. Then I usually have another 12 oz. with dinner, and when I add in what I drink in the morning to take my pills, I usually get a minimum of 66 oz. a day. In the summer when I’m running and sweating a lot, I try to drink an extra 12-24 oz. Yes, I do pee a lot, but I always have, and at least now I don’t have to walk to the other side of the office!

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  3. I Yikes’d when I read about the ice. glad you can get everyone out for some fresh air and hope that continues! My reading and knitting time was (most happily) interrupted with Sara’s visit; I know I’ll get back to my usual rhythms … eventually.

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  4. I spent today cutting and punching paper for my “happy planner” notebook. It’s now bursting with pages! 🤓 now to fill them inside and out… I used scrapbook paper folded color side out. Then I write on inside and collage, etc. Outside .

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      1. I actually had to take a small break for a couple days, so I’ve done through Day 20 and took a break. I’m going to finish but I had to realize that I just can’t do them every day because of my back. Which is okay! 🙂

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