SAHRR – Center Block

Juliann at Chasing Stories shared the Stay at Home Round Robin linkup earlier this week. It sounded like fun, but to be honest – I’m not even sure what a Round Robin is! I liked the basic idea: make a center quilt block and then follow the subsequent directions to be released each Monday. Of course – there’s a ton of leeway and you can do whatever you want with your own quilt, but it’s intriguing to follow the general directions given by another group of quilters!

I decided to make a 6″ Winter Star Block from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage. I love the yellow points! Once it was finished though… it seemed so small and unsatisfying. So I tried something else:

There! That’s better. It’s the 12″ version and I love how the pastels play together. I started with only a fat quarter of that background fabric though, so I’m going to have get creative as I go along!

Since I have two center blocks, I’ll consider working on two round robins at the same time. But if one of the versions speak to me more then I’ll gladly abandon the other!

Thanks to Juliann and all of the quilters hosting this Round Robin. I am excited to see how this turns out!

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  1. Every time I see quilt squares like this I’m in awe of whoever it was who discovered you could cut fabric into squares and triangles and get magical shapes when you combine them!

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  2. Wow, that’s beautiful! Love the smaller one for it’s size, love the larger one for the pastels. I’m still plodding through trying to make triangles…ach, but they are so hard for me. I’m sure they’re easy… but my damaged brain has decided to torture me to thinking they’re hard… so, they are.

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      1. Either, or… I’ve found a technique online that uses machine and looks easy. Going to try that one today. Now that I somewhat get the 1/4 offset I might be able to do it. We’ll see. If it worked for the flying geese square, it’s gotta work for the pinwheel, too. At leas I hope so.

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      2. I did manage to figure out how to do the flying geese by hand. I’ve cut the squares for the pinwheels, now, too. It’s going to be a sewing Saturday today!

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