June 2020 Highlights

The end of June slipped by and we're already several days into July! I considered skipping my June highlights post, but knew that I'd regret it down the road. I write these posts because I love seeing all of my small efforts throughout the month add up to something much bigger. Each day, I try... Continue Reading →

Unraveled Wednesday – Week 25 of 2020

Welcomed to Unraveled Wednesday! Each Wednesday Kat at As Kat Knits hosts this linkup for bloggers to share what they're reading and stitching lately. When you click over to her blog, you'll find an inspiring and kind group of people. Today I'm sharing the book series I've binged on, a book I've abandoned, and all... Continue Reading →

Unraveled Wednesday – Week 23 of 2020

Dear friends, it's Wednesday. That means I'm linking up with the best group of bloggers on the Internet. Please join Kat at As Kat Knits and share what you've been reading and stitching lately. I finished several books at the end of last week, but have found it hard to read anything since Friday night.... Continue Reading →

May 2020 Highlights

It feels totally ridiculous to publish this post today. I've been working on it throughout the month and I think it's really important to have these reflection posts - something to allow me to look back at all I've achieved by taking small steps every day. As a relatively new stay at home mom of... Continue Reading →

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