SAHRR – Round 1

Chris at Chris Knits gave us directions for the first round of our Stay at Home Round Robin quilts on Monday morning. I was thrilled when she announced it was piano keys! I thought about my game plan all day long and raced to the basement as soon as all of the kids were tucked away in bed!

I had these strips leftover from my recent Patchwork Swoon that are perfect for piano keys. Each finished square is 2″ so I trimmed off the first 1.25″ of each strip and then cut them into 2″ squares. This gave me units of 2×2″ with each print measuring in at 1″ (if that makes any sense). I didn’t have quite enough to make my borders the length I needed them to be, so I scrounged up some old Bonnie and Camille prints and made a few more piano key pairs to be incorporated into the border.

(please forgive the lighting in all of the pictures – I still need to fix that situation in the basement.)

I added a border to bring my block up to 14″ – and of course, my quilty math was all wrong and I should have made the block 15.” Ahhh — those seam allowances get me every time. I considered adding more border but decided to simply work with what I had. I ended up trimming a bit off of the piano keys to make everything fit.

And it all worked out just fine. I added the same print in the corners that I used in the corners of the Winter Star Block in the center because I thought that made a fun echoing effect. I won’t be able to do that throughout the whole quilt because I don’t have enough of it… but I see that the Fat Quarter Shop has some yardage of it left!! So maybe I will?

I can’t wait to see what our directions will be next week! Thanks again to everyone hosting this event!


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  1. This is funny because as I was working on my piano strips, I texted my daughters to say the math and seam allowance thing was making me crazy. But we did it! Your colors are very cheerful

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one that struggled with seam allowanced with this one! Thank you for introducing me to this fun linkup 🙂


  2. I love the piano key addition to the block. It really completes it! Are there quilting blogs you follow? I’ve been quilting (and reading, and reading blogs!) more since the pandemic and always open to new sources of inspiration.

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    1. I have no idea how big it’s going to get! I think there are 6 or 7 rounds that will be added and the sizing is all up to the individual quilter! I think at the very least I’ll get a fun throw out of it 🙂

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  3. Hi Katie! I missed your center block last week but WOW! It looks fabulous with the piano key border added. I love these fabrics! I had an issue with my Round One and math. Egad. I wanted the keys to finish at 3″ so that’s how I cut them. Oops – it should have been 3.5″. Oh well – a Round 1.5 border has been added. HAHA! I look forward to seeing how your quilt top progresses. ~smile~ Roseanne

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