Four Finished Quilt Tops?

Friday! It’s been such a strange week. I can confidently say that we’re on the mend now but I still don’t have the lung power to hop on my spin bike, which I’ve been missing lately. I’m looking forward to having everyone home this weekend without the cloud of illness hanging over us!

I was in the mood to finish things towards the end of 2022 and these FOUR quilt tops are the the result of that. The first two are very small, so I feel funny even calling them quilts. But mini quilts are an actual thing, so quilts they are!

These two are from the trimmings of my Patchwork Swoon. The pattern is put together by pairing scrappy blocks and solid fabrics and creating giant flying geese and I was left with pretty large squares of trimmings at the end. They were, of course, too pretty to just toss, so they’ve been patiently waiting for me to return to them.

The scale is impossible to see like this, but the one on the left is 15×15″, just 4 squares, but will make a very pretty patchwork mini to go on the wall or to use in the kitchen. The one on the right is 30×30 and used 16 squares. It will probably go to Bronwyn and her dolls. It took me a long time to figure out how to lay them all out and sew them together. I sewed them together in a different arrangement at one point and then realized that they might look better like this, so completely ripped them apart and did it again. It sounds much more impressive than it is.

I came across my unfinished Stay At Home Round Robin quilt just laying on the shelf by my sewing machine. I think I dropped out after 5 rounds because I went a little overboard (of course) and the top grew huge and it was difficult for me to keep up with all of the quilty math. I don’t think I even showed you all the last clue that I worked on, which was the wonky stars at the top and bottom. I knew I didn’t want to finish all of the clues and only had enough of the background fabric for a 1.5″ strip on the top and bottom to finish it off. So that’s what I did. It finishes at 44×71 – an okay size for a lap quilt. And the colors are so pretty!

And finally, here’s another top made from the scrappy crossroads quilt I finished a few years ago. I had to rip out an entire row and column of the original quilt because it was simply way too big. Those squares became this 49×65 mini quilt top! This is the third mini quilt that I used from the trimmings on that quilt; it used a lot of fabric and I didn’t want any of it to go to waste. I love this pattern and these fabrics!!

Now all of these quilt tops are in my “to be quilted” bin. I used to feel bad about stashing things in there, but I know that I’ll get in a finishing mood and will manage to get them done at some point. Finishing these up cuts down on the clutter in my little sewing burrow and it’s nice to be closer to finishing a few projects.

We’re expecting a rainy day today and a cloudy and cold weekend. I’m hoping to get caught up with some of my cleaning chores because there hasn’t been much cleaning in the last week. And I’m already looking forward to settling on the couch on Sunday night with my knitting and the second episode of All Creatures Great and Small – I’m so happy that the third season has started! I hope you all have a weekend full of exactly what you need. Until next week – take good care.


11 thoughts on “Four Finished Quilt Tops?

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  1. I’m so glad everyone is on the mend. The quilt squares and tops are beautiful. I love the colors. I have been wanting to watch All Creatures Great and Small. I need to do that. Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Happy to hear you’re all feeling much better, and I hope you’ll feel well enough to get back on the bike soon (it’s always so frustrating when the heart is willing but the body isn’t able, isn’t it?). The quilts are all so lovely; my favorite is the last one with all the blue. I can only imagine with all the quilting you do/have done over the years that your kids could make some pretty epic blanket forts!


  3. Good news on the health front and these quilt tops are so lovely. I really like your Stay at Home top. I remember that the math part was not my favorite part. The colors you chose are very cheery. Thanks for the quilt show


  4. How pretty they all look on the line. (I have a strange fondness for seeing laundry on a line.) So sweet to think of one of those beauties keeping Bronwyn’s dolls warm and cozy. Glad you are all feeling better.


  5. I am so happy you are all on the mend! Yay! That is a true feat in a family! 🙂

    Your quilt tops are so gorgeous! I love all the fabrics! Well done 🙂


  6. Hooray for everyone feeling better. Your quilt tops are wonderful. I love the Scrappy Crossroads and also the way you used the trimmings to make something. I love to see what I can make from odds and ends. Have a good weekend.


  7. Fingers crossed y’all are 100% again! and yay for finished quilt tops!! I’m reading Little Women and just love how Beth cares for her dolls; happy sigh that you’re giving Bronwyn a quilt to care for her little ones, too!!


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