Unraveled Wednesday – Week 3 of 2021

Kat at As Kat Knits hosts Unraveled Wednesday each week – a gathering of bloggers who share their weekly reading and knitting. Today I’m going to share two finished books and some actual knitting – which I haven’t shared in a really long time!

Books Finished This Week

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
This was our most recent read aloud… Man, Dahl was harsh to those kids! Everyone really enjoyed this book and we spent time comparing it to the movie. We also talked about what made Charlie Bucket so special, so it was a good opportunity to talk about values and character. Bryce has loved every Roald Dahl book we’ve read so far!

My Antonia by Willa Cather
Thanks to my Little House obsession, I’m looking for lots of books set on the prairie. I read this book about a decade ago but remembered almost nothing about it. Similar to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the settlers drew stark contrasts between their own countries of origin and those of others and it was a bit startling. But I loved watching the friendship between Jim and Antonia grow throughout their lives. And the last section when Jim returns to visit Antonia was so touching. Beautiful!

Knitting This Week

I finished a pair of socks! I started these in late 2020 and basically stopped knitting for some reason. But I decided to pick them back up last week and finished them in no time. The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in Mint Chip. I spent a great deal of time trying to get all of the stripes to line up. The toes are quite different but I managed to get it all straightened out as the second sock grew. They are toe up socks with provisional cast-on toes and afterthought heels. I could have done a better job of closing the holes in the heels and luckily I have plenty of the yarn left over for mending. And honestly – is there anything more beautiful than the knit stitch? Oh my goodness, there just isn’t.

Today is Inauguration Day. I’m hoping to savor a cup of hot chocolate with my kiddos while we watch Democracy in action. I pray for a peaceful transfer of power and a bold path forward.

I plan to be back tomorrow with a finished quilt and hope to see you then!


18 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – Week 3 of 2021

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  1. Your socks are so impressive. You tempt me to try a paid but I’ll stick with dishcloths, I’d rather be working on quilts. I love books by Willa Cather, my favorite is O Pioneers. I too will be watching more TV today than normal, hoping everything goes quiet and safely today.

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    1. I know – I think I’d rather be working on quilts, too. But the knitting is something that I can do with the kids around and that I can put away quickly if I need to… my quilting is tucked away in the basement!!

      I’m planning to borrow O Pioneers from the library soon – I can’t wait!


  2. YAY for Charlie and the Chocolate factory! Which movie did you watch, the one with Johnny Depp or the other one with .. I forgot the name.

    The socks look great!! I haven’t knit with Felici yet, but I guess I’m gonna one day, since everyone is singing this yarn’s praise. 😉

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    1. We watched the original with Gene Wilder but thanks for reminding me about the Jonny Depp version! Bryce loves comparing all of the different versions of The Witches (another Roald Dahl!) and I think he’d have fun with doing it with Willy Wonka too.

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  3. Love your socks – those stripes rock and your “reads” are two of my faves from many years ago. Thanks for the inspiration too to resume knitting one sock that’s been on my “finish list” for far too long. Have a great day watching the Inauguration and events.

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  4. Love the socks – very pretty. I always do cuff down socks and have never tried an after though heel. I have enjoyed all of Willa Cather’s books. My Antonia is a favorite – another really good one is “Song of the Lark” – highly recommend that one!

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    1. Oh, thanks for the Willa Cather recommendation! I got in the habit of doing toe up socks and now almost always do them! But right now I’m working on a cuff down sock because it’s probably time to try something new :p


  5. Your sock is definitely encouraging me to tackle the sock pair I started but put down 3 months ago, yours look amazing. Knitpicks Felici certainly gets it right when it comes to striping and sock making.

    Happy Inauguration Day!

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  6. It’s been many years since I read My Antonia, so all I remember about it is that I liked it — I probably should reread one of these days. Congrats on a beautiful new pair of socks!

    It’s a wonderful day for some amazing history to be made!

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  7. I am a Nebraskan and as such Willa Cather is one of my favorite authors. I love The Song of the Lark and One of Ours. Your socks came out great and you are right, a knit stitch is very satisfying. I have done an after-thought heel but prefer the fit of heel flap, gusset, heel turn for my foot. Looking forward to seeing your quilts.

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