A Quiet Week

Happy Friday, friends. This week has been so quiet around my home, which is strange. Our walls are typically vibrating with energy and noise, but I think we're all doing a bit of wintering right now. It's a welcome change for me! This week I've sank into a routine of reading and writing, so I... Continue Reading →

A Frigid Week

What a January so far! We've had two sub-zero mornings this week and it has been brisk. I've been surviving on warm drinks, settling in with homeschooling each morning, and dreaming about my garden this year. We've also been doing more cleaning out/rearranging the basement, which continues to confound me. We've only been in this... Continue Reading →

2021 | Bookish Highlights

I couldn't let 2021 end without highlighting my bookish endeavors from the year, but it was a struggle to figure out how I wanted to present this post. In years past, I would share data: the number of books I read, a breakdown of their publication years, how many books featured diversity, etc. But I've... Continue Reading →

Bookish Highlights | November 2021

Dear Friends - I am happy to share that my reading slump ended around mid-November. In September I deleted my Goodreads Reading Challenge and stopped tracking the number of books I've read. And then - I just kind of stopped reading for myself. But that break was important because it allowed me to flip a... Continue Reading →

Reading | Week 34 in 2021

Happy Wednesday, friends. I'm back to share this week's reading with you. Today's post is a much more reasonable offering because I'm moving through my current book much more slowly than is typical. It's Jane Eyre and I'm very happy to be taking my time with it and am supplementing the reading with sharp feminist... Continue Reading →

Weekend | Week 33 in 2021

I don't think anyone can say this is a particularly joyful weekend given the state of the world. I wanted to write this post yesterday but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. But of course, the point of this practice is to find joy even when it seems like there isn't any, so here... Continue Reading →

Reading | Week 33 in 2021

What do you do when the reading is so good that you just can't stop? You keep reading, of course. I've embraced that philosophy this week as I've gulped down one book after another. Who knows when this well will dry up? I might as well enjoy it while it lasts! The Whispering House by... Continue Reading →

Reading | Week 32 in 2021

I'm not sure how many times I'll get away with saying it, but I'm going to try my luck one more time: summertime reading is the best! I've read a wonderful variety of books over the last week and can't wait to chat about them with you. As always - I do my best to... Continue Reading →

Reading | Week 31 in 2021

Friends - I've had another excellent week of reading since we last gathered. I'm really struggling with writing today's post because this week's update is full of tricky books to talk about without including spoilers. But if you ever want to chat behind the scenes about anything in particular, just let me know in your... Continue Reading →

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