Bookish Chatter | Two New Releases and Plenty of Readalouds

Does it feel like winter anywhere else lately? It has been so cloudy and gray around here and has felt like a big snowfall is going to happen at any time. Luckily there's no snow forecasted until next week, so we can wait on the snow blowers a little while longer. And despite the cold... Continue Reading →

October 2022 Reading

Thinking back to October, I'm reminded what a gorgeous month it was. It was an amazing start to fall - beautiful foliage, cloudy and rainy days. Perfect for curling up inside with a wonderful stack of books. It's fun to look back on October because November has started out decidedly un-fall like. It has been... Continue Reading →

September 2022 Reading

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. On Friday I mentioned that I wanted to get to the mountains this weekend but thought it wouldn't be possible. I'm happy to say that we went! The traffic was insane and the Kanc was crawling with tourists, but for good reason. The foliage was at... Continue Reading →

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