Surrender | January 2022

It's time to talk about my One Little Word for 2022. Picking this year's word has been a journey. I had my 2021 word picked out well in advance and was so excited to get started. My 2022 word has been much more elusive and has changed a few times, including just a week or... Continue Reading →

Bookish Highlights | November 2021

Dear Friends - I am happy to share that my reading slump ended around mid-November. In September I deleted my Goodreads Reading Challenge and stopped tracking the number of books I've read. And then - I just kind of stopped reading for myself. But that break was important because it allowed me to flip a... Continue Reading →


Happy week of Thanksgiving in the US! We've got our menus planned, groceries bought, and have started baking things. But the real preparation will begin in earnest on Wednesday afternoon and I'm chomping at the bit to get started. But before we can start Thanksgiving, I'd like to share (some of) the oops* I've made... Continue Reading →

Stillness | September 2021

It's the last Tuesday of the month, so I'm checking in with Carolyn and my One Little Word. You can see all of my Stillness posts here. September was a month of feeling unsteady, off-kilter, and not quite like myself. It was a time of paring down and changing focus. The biggest shift for me... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem | Mindful

I wasn't planning to be back with a poem today, but this one presented itself to me on Saturday and I couldn't resist! Mindful Every day I see or I hear something that more or less kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light. It is what I... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem | Softest of Mornings

On Sundays I try to share a few lines of poetry that caught my attention. I'm new to the world of poetry and these Sunday posts ensure I read a few poems every week. Here's one I encountered in a book of Mary Oliver essays this week: Softest of Mornings Softest of mornings, hello. And... Continue Reading →

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