Friday Cozies – 11.29.19

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, friends. Are you a Black Friday shopper? I am not a fan of crowds so I won't be partaking in any shopping out of the house, but my husband and I are eyeing a deal or two online. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! This was my first year as a stay... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Ice

I opened up this draft and immediately stood up. All of a sudden, my hair needed to be brushed. But I made myself sit back down. I have half an hour at the most to make myself write an update. The only time I think to brush my hair is when I'm too afraid to... Continue Reading →

Cozy Weekends

It's the first full weekend in September! It's officially fair season in New Hampshire so last weekend we loaded up and cuddled so many sheep and goats that it was ridiculous. All three of my children discovered cotton candy so it was really easy to keep them happy during our time there. What a win!... Continue Reading →

Cozy Weekends

This week has been steamy, but full of some of my favorite things. Here's just a few things I've been enjoying. Thunderstorms There's only one thing I can think about when the humidity starts to rise: THUNDERSTORMS! I love rainy days and hearing the loud crashes of thunder. We've had a couple this week that... Continue Reading →

Podcasts Lately

I'm trying to listen to podcasts again. When I drove to work every day, I had several on rotation. Most were about an hour, so I could listen to the first half on my way to work and then finish on the way home. It was a neat and tidy way to learn about something... Continue Reading →

Library Check Out – August 2018

Whew! August has been quite a month around here. I haven't read quite as much as I wish I would have, but that's okay. I've definitely been using the public library, whether or not I've been successful at actually reading anything! Today I'm linking up with Rebecca and her Library Checkout meme! Go check out her... Continue Reading →

2017 Recap

Happy New Year!! It's already been said a million times before, but I cannot believe that it's 2018. I wanted to post this recap sooner, but the timing never felt right. How could it be possible summarize my 2017 reading life while it was still 2017? But now that we are in our second day... Continue Reading →

Happy News!

Dear Friends, I apologize for my extended absence! Whew – what a couple of months! I wish I could tell you that I’ve been in a writing nook for the last few months and banged out a manuscript. Or that I read eleventy-billion books and reached nirvana. The truth is: I’m about 15 weeks pregnant... Continue Reading →

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