Less | A Month of Action

It's the last week of May and I'm starting it off with an update on my word of the year: Less. I've been focusing on embracing doing less and giving myself a little grace for the last few months, but began the year with the mantra less clutter, less spending, less waste. I circled back... Continue Reading →

Friday | The One Before the Coronation

We are expecting some peeks of sunshine today! It feels like the last two weeks have been a solid wall of rain, but my notebook reminds me of pockets of sunshine and plenty of outside time despite that. And the weather seems to be shifting out of this rainy patch and moving towards some sunnier... Continue Reading →

At My Desk

What a weekend! Here in New Hampshire, it was relatively warm and sunny. A lot of snow melted so our driveway became Puddle City and, once again, plenty of mud has been tracked into the house. The work is never done! But it is so nice that the kids can get outside and burn off... Continue Reading →

Less In 2023

This is my sixth year to choose a word for the year, believe it or not. Funnily enough, I feel like I've almost come full circle. My first word in 2018 was abundance and today I'm sharing my goal of less. And really - they are the same idea. They're about being content with what... Continue Reading →

A Break

Just a quick note to let you know that I've decided to take this week off from blogging. I wish I could spend it like August the cat in the opening picture, but I don't expect to! I hope all of my American friends have a lovely Thanksgiving and that everyone reading has a week... Continue Reading →

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