Friday Cozies 1.17.20

Friday! It's been a strange week - the weather has been up and down, inside out. We had a huge snow melt at the beginning week and we're ending the week under a new blanket of snow. We've battled a strange illness that took down my children one by one and now I'm on the... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies – 1.10.20

Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm here today to share a few things that I've been obsessing over and that have brought a little bit of cozy into my life this week. I have become obsessed with Phenology Wheels and charts. Phenology is the study of the natural world. Phenology wheels and charts are beautiful (seriously -... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies

This is my first cozy post of the new decade! I like to use Friday to share some of the things I've been enjoying or thinking about during the week. It could be movies that stuck with me for some reason or something I've heard on a podcast. Sometimes it's some little object that's helping... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies – 12.27.19

Christmas week cozies!! Does it get any better? I've survived having everyone home all week and have had a lot of fun with them. I hope you've had a lovely holiday week and have been indulging in a few things that make you happy! This week my cozies are all things that I found inspiring... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies 12.20.19

Friends, it is cold in my part of the world right now. Bone chillingly cold. Waiting for the school bus in the morning feels like putting our very lives in danger. But the other day, my oldest wrapped himself in blankets on the couch, screamed "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" until I appeared in the doorway... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies – 11.29.19

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, friends. Are you a Black Friday shopper? I am not a fan of crowds so I won't be partaking in any shopping out of the house, but my husband and I are eyeing a deal or two online. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! This was my first year as a stay... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Ice

I opened up this draft and immediately stood up. All of a sudden, my hair needed to be brushed. But I made myself sit back down. I have half an hour at the most to make myself write an update. The only time I think to brush my hair is when I'm too afraid to... Continue Reading →

Cozy Weekends

It's the first full weekend in September! It's officially fair season in New Hampshire so last weekend we loaded up and cuddled so many sheep and goats that it was ridiculous. All three of my children discovered cotton candy so it was really easy to keep them happy during our time there. What a win!... Continue Reading →

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