May 2023 Reading Review & Summer Reading Plans

Good morning, Monday! This weekend was cloudy, cool, and rainy - perfect for staying inside and doing cozy things. I chose to revive my sourdough starter and get a loaf of bread started last night (I'm trying this method, we'll see how it goes) and I baked a pan of brownies yesterday morning (non-sourdough batter,... Continue Reading →

Hello June

June! I guess it's really summer now? It has certainly felt like it this week. I have been plodding along with nothing out of the ordinary to share here, which is probably a good thing. I have been spending a lot of time with my journals, trying to come up with a plan for tackling... Continue Reading →

Hello Monday

Hello to a new week! I had a quiet and relatively restful weekend and am so ready to start a new week. My notebook is set up and ready to be covered in another week's worth of activities and our homeschooling schedule is filled to the brim; I have ideas to take to the library... Continue Reading →

Friday | Thank Goodness

Happy Friday, readers! Today is forecasted to be sunny and in the 70s while tomorrow will bring rain. I love how variable the weather can be this time of year! Today's post is just a quick update on my life right now, which has been a strange mix of busy and quiet. I thought the... Continue Reading →

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