Unraveled Wednesday – Week 47 of 2020

Hello! Unraveled Wednesdays are hosted by Kat at As Kat Knits and is an opportunity for readers and knitters to share what they’ve been enjoying each week. Please visit her and the other bloggers participating – everyone is wonderful! This week I’m sharing one finished book, a picture of my handsewing project, and the beginnings of a stitching schedule.

Finished This Week:

This is the fictional story of Ana – wife of Jesus. Yes, that Jesus. Ana is a smart, thoughtful woman who avoids being married off to dangerous men and then falls head over heels in love with Jesus. She’s a writer who yearns to tell the stories of women throughout Jewish history. They are destitute and she’s often lonely because her husband is always off preaching somewhere. I love the idea of Jesus being married and enjoyed imagining the life of his wife. And yet – I have a really hard time reading books set in this time period (see my review on The Secret Chord) and struggled to finish this one.


I think I’m frustrated with reading right now because I’m in a phase in which I want to make all of the things. Here’s the current state of my hexies! I’ve started the aqua border – aqua is my favorite color so I’m taking the time to admire each hexie before I turn it over and sew it onto the quilt. I wanted to get that long side finished before I went to bed last night, but I stopped because I have the beginnings of a stitching schedule…

I mentioned recently that I discovered FlossTube – YouTube for cross stitchers – and have had the incredible itch to stitch! And yet – when? I have my giant scrappy crossroads on my Juki in the quilting phase and I have this handsewing project that I am serious about getting pieced before the end of the year. I also have the beginnings of a second sock on my needles for the spare minutes I find throughout the day. Cross stitching? When?

I know that I won’t find time unless I make time and have decided that 9-10pm each day is for cross-stitching. So last night, even though I really wanted to push through and finish that long side of the border for my quilt, I folded it up and brought about my current x-stitch project. It is slow and agonizing because I’m not at all well-practiced, but I hope to get better with time. And I plan to show you my progress next week if I can keep this up!

A quick update on my scrappy crossroads quilt: I’m finding spare moments to pop into the basement to do 2-3 sweeps of quilting at a time. I’ve said it for several weeks now, but I’m almost finished with this step! I don’t have any pictures and I’m going to need a lighting overhaul in my new sewing space if I want to snap progress shots in the future. After trimming the sides, I plan to drag the quilt outside and get a good picture of the whole thing, which I’ve struggled to do because it’s so massive. I also need to measure it so that I can cut fabric for the binding – it’s quite a job!

Thanks for sticking with me today. I can’t wait to hop around to see what everyone else is working on lately!

11 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday – Week 47 of 2020

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  1. I didn’t realize that The Book of Longings was about the wife of Jesus! Sounds interesting. I haven’t read another Sue Monk Kidd book since the Secret Life of Bees but I really, really loved that one.
    I love the aqua border! And such a good idea to schedule different crafty times.

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    1. The Secret Life of Bees is the only other one that I’ve read by her as well. The premise of The Book of Longings is SO interesting… I just wish that I enjoyed more about that time period! I can’t wait to see if you decide to read it and what you think about it.

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  2. Hexies are looking great, I hadn’t realized there was going to be an outside border, aqua will be great! Looking forward to seeing the finish of crossroads. I’m impressed you can do hand work from 9 -10 pm. I am too sleepy and usually sound asleep by 9:30! Happy stitching!

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    1. Thanks, Gretchen! And after this aqua border, I’ll be doing a ring of white because I can’t stand the thought of trimming away any of that aqua. Maybe I should clarify my goal – I’ll stitch from 9-10 if I can stay awake! Last night I was in bed by 9pm and did not cross stitch (but finished quite a bit of epp!!).


  3. That border looks just right for your quilt. I know it is hard to find time to stitch or make all the things I think about in my head. I remember when my kids were growing up and it was really hard. You are doing a great job managing your stitching time. I wasn’t crazy about that book either. Spoiler alert: I think or probably I wish she could have written a novel about the place where the women ended up living.

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