Friday Cozies – Week 47 of 2020

On Fridays I collect little moments of joy from the week and share them here. I still haven’t been doing a great job of taking pictures, but I have a few to share.

It’s been a busy week – we had three appointments this week, which is triple the amount we usually have. We’re wrapping up the 12th week of Blackberry Bluff school and next week is a scheduled week off. I plan to continue doing the basic stuff – reading, writing, and math – everyday next week except for Thursday and Friday. Then we’ll really be off. I’m a little overwhelmed that next week is Thanksgiving. We have our turkey thawing in the fridge, but that’s it. I have to come up with a menu and grocery list and get everything else this weekend! I always wait until the very last minute.

One of my appointments this week was with the eye doctor. We actually have some flex spending dollars left this year so I decided to get contacts and started wearing them yesterday. I’d forgotten what it was like to see the world without glasses! I wore contacts in high school and through most of undergrad, but stopped because they irritated my eyes. I’m hoping I can take better care of the lenses as an adult, which should help with the irritation. The world was just a little bit brighter yesterday!

The governor of NH issued a mask mandate yesterday. I’m hopeful that it will help get the rising number of infections under control. Like many other states, NH has broken its daily record several times in the last week or so. I’m thankful that doctors and nurses have found more effective ways to treat the virus and yet – it’s still scary what the virus can do to the most vulnerable among us. I am thankful that change is on the way.

I’m ready to show you this little corner of the basement – before and after. You can click on the images to make them larger. The furniture configuration isn’t at all what I hoped for, but it’s what works in the space based on what we already have. I didn’t have to buy anything, which is really important. I’m still sorting fabric, need to set up my second machine, and figure out the best place for the ironing board, but it’s getting there. I’ve been stealing moments here and there to work on the scrappy crossroads quilt that you see under my Juki and it’s been a lovely space to work in so far. I especially love that empty shelf to my left (it’s a safe place for a cup of tea) and the way my rolling cart tucks under the shelving unit. I also like that I was able to cobble together an L-shaped table using an old wooden desk and that folding table. One day I’ll get to go to IKEA again and will be able to afford some pretty furniture. For now – this is working and I’m pleased with it!

That’s it from me this week. I will not be back with a poem on Sunday, but will see you on Monday morning with a snapshot of my week.

May you all stay safe, get some rest, and laugh a lot this weekend!


9 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 47 of 2020

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  1. Congratulations on the contacts! It’s quite a change, but I wager you’ll LOVE getting back to not having steamy glasses in the winter. And I LOVE your space and how you’ve made it yours. (But what did you do with that Irish flag???? If it needs a home, well, you know who to contact…;-)

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    1. Thanks Jordy! And I was getting really annoyed by fogging up my glasses while wearing a mask. Matthew would kill me if I gave away his Irish flag!! We’re going to hang it up somewhere else in the basement šŸ™‚


  2. Your sewing area looks great! Iā€™m glad you were able to set something that works for you.
    And having contacts is so exciting! Certainly helps with having to wear masks – I have just started not wearing glasses when going to the grocery store which gives me a headache if it takes too long

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    1. Thanks, Kath! I’m loving my space so far. The mask issue is what pushed me towards contacts – it was driving me crazy! I hope you find a good solution for yourself… I think we’ll be in masks for a bit longer!

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  3. I hope the contacts work out for you this time! I suspect contacts have also changed a bit since you wore them last, so perhaps that will make them more comfortable for you in the long term.

    I love the peek into your sewing nook and seeing those beautiful quilts! I am starting to think that I might enjoy making some little quilts that I can hand stitch using small amounts of fabric. We have a bunch that we bought for making masks and project bags earlier in the year, so I have a lot of little scraps. I’m inspired by seeing your work.

    Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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