A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 47 of 2020

On Monday mornings I look back at my previous week and reflect on how I used my time. How did it align with my overarching goals? Where can I make tiny tweaks to ensure that I’m filling my bucket whenever possible? Last week was full of stitching, which feels amazing!

Materials used: Travelers Notebook weekly insert | pastel highlighters | Pilot g-tec-c .25 Hyper Fine Point pens

GREEN | Writing
Today makes 232 straight days of morning pages. I’ve been making sure I have time to write a page in my journal each morning no matter what. But other than my journal, I’ve spent very little time writing in the mornings and it shows. My blog has fallen to bare bones and I’m perpetually behind on responding to comments and commenting on the blogs of others. I think I’m due to step back from here just a bit; I’ve had a good blogging run in 2020 and I’m not sure what this space will look like in 2021. I’m still thinking about my priorities.

PURPLE | Blackberry Bluff School
We finished the 12th week of Blackberry Bluff School despite a ton of drama around loose teeth. Who knew that could be such a disruption??

YELLOW | Stitching
This is where I’ve spent the bulk of my personal time. I have been stitching like crazy! Last week I worked on my scrappy crossroads quilt, my english paper piecing quilt (the handsewn hexies that have made so appearances around here lately), a cross-stitching project that I have yet to share, and a second sock that’s been seeing some attention in <5 minute increments here and there. Have you heard the phrase, my soul is fed with needle and thread? Well, that’s been me lately. I’m finding so much joy and rejuvenation in all of these projects. Who knows how long this will last, but I’ll enjoy it while it does!

PINK & ORANGE | Reading (pink = physical and Kindle books; orange = audiobooks)
As a result of so much stitching, my reading life has taken a real nosedive. All of my reading time has been thanks to audiobooks! I’m sure my reading mojo will return at some point and I’m not too worried about it. I was on track to read well over 100 books this year, but that’s not the case anymore thanks to this little lull. And that’s okay – I’ve already had my best reading year ever!

BLUE | Outside Time
This week we only went outside on the weekend – again! We spend nearly 2 hours getting Bug back and forth to his day center and it’s thrown a wrench into our outside playtime. I miss the mornings when we’d spend hours outside everyday!

Water – last week Sarah suggested using a water bottle to help with my daily water goal. It’s amazing how much of a difference that simple suggestion made! I met my goal 4 days last week and was over halfway there on the other 3 days. Much better than the previous weeks!! Thank you, Sarah!

Exercise – last week I did yoga and used our exercise bike twice. That’s a big success for me. My hesitant plan for exercise: use the bike or rower on the mornings that I don’t publish a blog post (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday) and do yoga after we finish our schoolwork during the week. That’s a very tall order for me, so I’m going to focus on one day at a time and try to break it down into smaller pieces. I’m just trying to figure out what those pieces are! I’m telling you – 2021 will be the year that I figure this part of life out!

I started tracking Covid numbers in my state. They are in the gray boxes up top beside the days of the week. It just seemed like an interesting tidbit of something I might want to look back on someday.

If you’ve recently written a post about your own notebooks, please leave the link in the comments! It’s been a wonderful way to find inspiration and encouragement!


10 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 47 of 2020

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  1. I think this reflection is a great opportunity to figure out your why. You have a great system in place and each little tweak gives you more informed. Most of us go through blog spurts and pauses. I hope you will be gentle with yourself. You are doing strong work. Any chance the transportation might resume?

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    1. Thanks Juliann! I’m not sure if transportation will resume anytime soon. They are not removing that monitor from the bus (everyone is so short staffed) and I have no desire to have Bug around him anymore. So I think I’ll have to get a bit more forward about what I need and see how they can help me. Maybe I’ll be brave enough to try after the holidays?

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  2. It seems to me like you have a lot on your plate that you’re trying to get done over the week, so here’s my gentle reminder that you’re only one person and that person has three small humans depending on her, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get everything done. It’s a marathon, not a sprint — everything will get done over time!

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