Hobonichi Weeks – Week 18 of 2020

I have to say – week 18 was glorious. It was the best week we’ve had in a very long time! Somehow the stars aligned and it was a great mix of learning, being outside, quiet moments, time to tick off chores, and opportunities to deepen habits.

On Mondays I like to look back at the previous week’s spread in my Hobonichi Weeks and reflect on the week. On the left side of the book I write a few quick lines about each day. I use the right side to track my weekly tasks, habits, and writing time each day. This method has done wonders to keep me motivated and positive – I can see the things I’ve accomplished despite feeling as though I often get nothing done.

Despite no longer scheduling the days of the week when tasks should get done, I’m still following basically the same schedule because it had become so ingrained in me! I just finished my fourth straight week of morning pages – not a single day skipped! That’s quite amazing to me. In addition, I closed all my rings on my apple watch this week for the first time, so it was a very active week too!

I’m trying to figure out how to replicate last week. I think the key is to lower expectations, focus on fun, and stay present in the moment. If we’re outside playing, then that’s what we’re doing – no need to worry about what’s waiting to get done inside. If it’s learning time, we roll with the punches and do the best we can – and shrug off the rest. Quiet time has meant not trying to dictate what others do in their own moments of bliss and to let everyone get lost in their own worlds in their own ways – it’s okay.

Even with all of this in the back of my mind, I fully expect for things to not work out as wonderfully this week – and that’s okay. Some weeks the tantrums and meltdowns are more prevalent and we have to roll with it. But I’m going to try to be as easy going as I can possibly be and hope we can string together a couple more good days.

How about you? Are you starting the week with any intentions that you hope will see you through your difficult moments? Has your word of the year come in handy lately? Please leave a comment and let me know how things are going for you!


8 thoughts on “Hobonichi Weeks – Week 18 of 2020

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  1. It’s the weeks like this that inspire me to keep going! (Although, in my case – it is usually just a day or two! Ha!!) I have been relishing the small same things each week. They might be tiny, but they help me anchor my drifting days.

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    1. Yay! I’m glad you’re stringing together some good days. They can be so hard to find right now for all of us, so let’s try to hold on to them when they come!

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  2. Way to go! It sounds like you all are settling into a routine of not having a routine but going with flow. As someone who seems to function best with a regular schedule (and who has a child who is the same), I know how tough these uncertain times can be. It’s been an adjustment to get used to the uncertainty and with dealing with each moment as it comes, so you really should be proud of these small victories.

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  3. “Quiet time has meant not trying to dictate what others do in their own moments of bliss and to let everyone get lost in their own worlds in their own ways – it’s okay.” This rings so true for me, too, Katie. I have found that when I’ve been able to actually DO this, I can truly recharge. The challenge, for me, is to do that *regularly*! One of the notes I’ve made about my One Word this year is how relinquishing control will allow me to savor more. I should probably address that sooner than later! I wish you a wonderful week, in whatever way it shows up!

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  4. I’ve set some goals for the month and then I try to tackle a few things each day to make it all happen by the end. Thankfully, it’s just me, Marc and the dog, so it’s really just “news” that throws us for a loop. and some days, it’s a big one. My OLW is And … all about embracing non-dual thinking and it’s been a real help!

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    1. The news is enough these days!! I love your word! I have some good friends who have taught me the value of using “and” instead of “but” — it’s made quite a difference in how I think about things! I can’t wait to read more in your blog!

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