Reading & Knitting – Week 19 of 2020

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope this week has been treating you well. I tend to think every day is Thursday lately – I don’t know why I’m so fixated on Thursdays. But today is not Thursday. Today is Wednesday! And that means that I’m linking up with Kat at As Kat Knits and her group of Unravelers – bloggers who are sharing their current reads and stitching projects.


Finished This Week:

I’m still reading! I thought last week’s finishes were a fluke, but I’ve kept going. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

Deep Work is a re-read for me. I love Newport’s research into living a distraction free life, probably because I’m full of distractions! I’m not sure how I’ll use the strategies here because my season of life isn’t well suited to deep work right now (and what would my deep work even be??!), but I am constantly culling my social media use and finding more ways to be present every day.

I am reading one Anne book a month this year, but I couldn’t wait to start Anne’s House of Dreams so I actually downloaded this one in April! I devoured it. It might be my favorite Anne book so far. She and Gilbert moved into a tiny cottage in Four Winds Harbor so he can take over his retiring uncle’s medical practice. Friends, the characters that LM Montgomery dreams up! They’re perfect. They are funny, persickety, and lovable all at the same time. I’m going to try to make myself wait until June to read the next in the series – Anne of Ingleside – but we’ll see what actually happens!

I have wanted to read 84, Charing Cross Road for years but my library doesn’t have it. That’s usually a roadblock for me – I know that I only have to ask and they’ll order it or request through interlibrary loan, but that can be a steep hill for me to climb! But now that they’re closed, it’s given me permission to order books that I’ve always kept in the back of my mind but have felt out of reach. This was a short and fast book – I easily read it during the baby’s afternoon nap – but full of friendship and emotion. It’s the correspondence between Helene Hanff, a writer in NYC, and a bookseller in London. I loved how generous Hanff was with the staff of the bookshop in post-WWII London, when it was difficult to find an egg or a pair of nylons. I loved how kindly the staff accepted her gifts and begged her to visit them in London. This was a fun little book and I’m so glad that I finally read it!

Currently Reading:

I’m still spending time with Ruth Galloway and A Room Full of Bones on audio. This series is so much fun! I am so happy to curl up on the couch with this and my knitting for just a few minutes each evening and enjoy the mystery. I’m just over halfway finished and am very curious about the murderer!

I started Murder at the Vicarage this weekend and have only gotten about 7% through it. It’s the first Miss Marple book and I’m thinking about working my way through her series in order, even though it’s entirely unnecessary to do so. I don’t yet know who was murdered at the vicarage but can’t wait to find out because everyone is already so ghastly.

(Clearly I’m finding comfort in mystery series right now! It’s too bad I’ve already read all of the Inspector Armand Gamache books because they would be perfect for this summer.)


I was hoping to be at the ribbing on my Birkin by the time we met today, but alas – not yet. The pattern tells me that I have about 3 more inches to go before starting the 2″ ribbing, but I tried this on yesterday and believe that three more inches will make a rather long sweater. I’m going to be a Brave Knitter and knit just one more inch before starting the ribbing. I hope it works out okay!

Friends, I hope your week has been treating you well. I hope that you’re finding comfort in this difficult time and that you’re starting to fall into a routine that brings you joy. Are you reading something that is particularly consoling to your soul? Or are you finding solace in a stitching project? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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  1. Anne’s House of Dreams was always my favourite in the series, apart from Anne of Green Gables itself. And The Murder at the Vicarage is one of my favourite Agatha Christies, so I hope you enjoy it! 😀

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  2. I read through the Anne series years ago, might need to reread those again. I love Agatha Christie books and the Gamache series too! Your Birkin sweater is so beautiful! You are so talented to be able to switch colors like that. Have a lovely day!

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  3. Ooooh, your reading is sounding great! I’ve got a Bingo square to read a children’s classic and, if you can believe it I never read Anne of Green Gables as a child, so I’m going to dive in with that!

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  4. Would you believe I have never read the whole Anne series? I used to watch the CBC version over and over as a kid, so perhaps I felt like I already knew the story. In any case, I’m fixing that oversight now thanks to your influence. I think Anne of Avonlea might be my next audiobook for running.

    I finished a murder mystery last night that was kind of gratuitously violent and it made me really appreciate the Gamache series, where more time is spent describing the food they eat than the state of the bodies!

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  5. I am ever inspired by your reading, Katie! Thank you for the Charing Cross Road recommendation. I am off to see if my library has a copy!

    These days! I am finding comfort in “directed” tasks. Like knitting where I have to pay attention versus mindless stockinette (which is just not good for my pandemic brain). We had 2 days of sunshine in.a.row!! and we (Steve and I) used them to their fullest cleaning out garden beds, moving some things around, and soaking up the sunshine! My body absolutely feels all that work today, but boy – it was so good to tackle a huge project!

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    1. I hope your library does have a copy because, although very good, I DO feel guilty about buying it! If they don’t have a copy, please allow me to send you mine — it will make me feel better about buying it!

      I’m so glad you had some sunny days and spent a good chunk of time outside. It does wonders!!


  6. Trust yourself on the Birkin length. I think I went longer than the pattern (which I rarely do) because that’s what I wanted. there are no wrong choices, it’s about how it fits you and what you w ant from this jumper.

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  7. I love your Birkin — and think you’re wise in trusting your instinct about the length. I loved the Anne series as a girl! My mom introduced me to them — as she had loved them as a girl, too. I will always have such fond memories of those books. Maybe I should pick them up again . . . (And, like you, mysteries are really working for me these days.) Enjoy your day.

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  8. I have only read one Ruth Galloway book — I need to correct that, but it with the lockdown I am limited to the books on the shelves of my teeny tiny library. They have some of her books. Question: do I need to read the Galloway series in order? I always prefer to do that if possible.

    Murder at the Vicarage was, iirc, the first Agatha Christie I ever read. Wasn’t the body discovered on the hearth rug? I think I remember some things that would be spoilers, so I won’t mention them here. Have fun!

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    1. You know, I DO think the Ruth Galloway series are worth reading in order, given that relationships change and grow between each book.

      I’ve now gotten far enough in Murder at the Vicarage to discover the murdered individual! The body was actually found sprawled across the desk in the study while leaving a note. You might be thinking of The Body in the Library?


  9. That’s a beautiful sweater. I haven’t read the Anne books for years. Maybe when I am looking for something soothing at night I should at least reread the ones I own – three or four. I’m enjoying the round and round stockinette of a pullover these days – trying to finish before the warm weather rolls in for good.

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    1. Yes! The Anne books are perfect right now. Let me know if you decide to reread them! I’m with you about feeling comfort from miles and miles of stockinette stitches. I’m usually itching to be finished with projects by now, but am very happy to continue this one forever. Have a great weekend!


  10. Anne and Jane Marple seem like perfect companions right now. I started with Hercule Poirot and it was years before I encountered Miss Marple. Now I think I enjoy her books even more than his. She has a gentle way about her that completely belies the steel perceptivity underneath. (also, there’s knitting).

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    1. I haven’t read very many Hercule Poirot novels, but hope to get to them someday! I agree with your thoughts about Miss Marple – and the knitting makes them even better!!

      And you’re right – Anne and Miss Marple are great companions right now. I usually spend my time reading books from my library’s ‘new arrivals’ shelf and never seem to get to these older books. This has been a wonderful opportunity to read them!


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