Friday Cozies – Week 19 of 2020

I’m missing the spring temperatures! It has suddenly turned cold again and it’s expected to stay much cooler than average throughout May. I’m trying to stay positive – more time to wear my woolens this year – but I cannot wait to be barefoot in the garden.

My biggest worry right now: Bug’s autism treatment center is considering reopening June 1st. Ohmygoodness. He needs the services. We need the services. But health experts expect the virus to surge this summer and into the fall. Can I risk exposing him like that? He was making such progress there and was in the midst of an assessment for an assistive communication device (he’s five and speaks no words, not “no” or “mama” or “dada” – nothing). So we’re talking and considering. We’re communicating with his treatment team about the protocols being put in place to minimize exposure and their expectations of us. And I’m biting my nails with worry.

That’s enough worrying in this post! On to happier things!

You can see the picture above before our tea party this week. I should start this story by saying that this was not our first tea party. We have tea parties in this house! But this is the tea party at which I introduced the sugar bowl.

We gathered around the table and Bear discovered the sugar bowl. It’s sugar! Can I have some? Yes, you can have some. A few seconds later I turn around and he’s spooning the sugar directly from the bowl into his mouth! Bear, the sugar goes into your tea. His response is to attempt to pour the sugar from the bowl into his teacup. We spoon the sugar from the bowl into your teacup. Which he does. Now what? he asks. You drink the tea.

A couple seconds of silence and high-pitched shrieking follows. IT’S TOO HOT! (I let the tea cool for 45 minutes before we started the tea party.) Before I know it, I’ve only read half a sentence of our book, there’s sticky tea dripping onto the floor, the table is covered with whipped cream, and I’m sitting alone at the table eating three pieces of chocolate pudding pie and drinking a whole pot of tea. I guess it wasn’t a total waste! Obviously my tea parties with my children are not Instagram worthy!

This week has been full of wall painting for me. We’re trying to decide on wall colors (6.5 years after moving in!) and flooring. Yesterday I painted swatches to help us decide and we’re going to spend some time with them before making a decision. Last night (along with my audiobook), I painted the baseboards and doors in our foyer. Tonight I will touch up our cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen. I hope to start painting the foyer walls next week. So there will only be tiny bits of knitting progress over the next few weeks while I tackle these projects, but I hope to have a chance to enjoy audiobooks in the process! Give and take.

My husband went to the Home Depot to pick up the paint samples and told me that they were slammed, especially the paint department. It seems like a lot of people figure it’s a good time to start some of these projects! My hope is that everyone is settling into a new normal and finding ways to love being at home. I know I love it, despite how overwhelming it can be at times.

Today’s post ends my blogging this week! I hope to be back on Monday with a fresh new start. This morning I have sourdough pancake batter waiting for the finishing touches and time on the griddle. Apparently we have a 90% chance of snow today? I knew I shouldn’t have put away our winter boots last week! That’s okay – I think our flora should be able to survive a bit of snow.

Do you have any special plans in the next couple of days? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 19 of 2020

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  1. Painting is a good activity, things always look so bright and fresh after painting. I spent my time piecing quilts but am spending time outside when it’s warm enough. Have a good week!

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    1. I marveled at how much a coat of white paint cleaned up our baseboards and doors! It’s such a relief because it was starting to look dingy around here! I hope you get lots of outside time this weekend!!


    1. It was so funny! A little disappointing, but mostly funny :p

      I hope you find ways to enjoy the weather despite the restrictions! It makes such a difference!

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  2. Such a busy week! My daughters are young adults and still can’t handle cooled off hot drinks, so I feel for you. And the weather is crazy! We’ve been having an actual spring when usually we only get 1 week of spring before it turns hot. I would hate if it got cold again like in your area ❤️

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  3. Asparagus!! I love it!! (We had our first asparagus today for lunch!) And, I am chuckling at your tea party… kids, gotta love ’em! 🙂

    Sourdough pancakes sound delightful (and would pair well with the SNOW that is falling right now! Ha!)

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  4. We are painting too! The outside of our house. Took me forever to decide on colors. Funny thing is, we landed on the original colors we talked about in the beginning. So months of discussions could have been avoided by just jumping in right from the start instead of second guessing. I know what I want, it’s the second guessing that gets me! Your sweater is gorgeous. You are very talented!

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    1. It’s the second guessing for me, too. Thanks for reminding how much time it wastes!! Thanks for your kind words about my sweater – I’m so excited to finish it!


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