Hobonichi Weeks – Week 16 of 2020

I hope you had a great weekend. Last Friday I made a wish for warmer weather and time in the garden, yet woke up to snow on Saturday morning! Luckily, nothing stuck and we had a beautiful Sunday.

On Mondays I share the previous week’s planner spread. I use a Hobonichi Weeks, which I adore. Each week I track tasks completed, habits practiced, time spent writing, and a list of cozy things I’ve been enjoying. I try to end each day with a quick reflection about the day – a mini journal entry. I like sharing this on my blog because it keeps me accountable. It would be so easy to let this practice go to the wayside but knowing that I have a place to share it keeps me going.

Last week was full. Obviously I never left the house, but that doesn’t mean anything. I reached my step goal all 7 days because these children kept me hopping. I think I cried all seven days, too. My shortcomings as a mother are vast and autism is relentless. But I try to reset my emotions every second when necessary. Just because I’m screaming mad right now doesn’t mean I have to be the next second – how many times did I lean my head against the wall and say I have a calm and gentle soul? Countless.

Despite those challenges, we made it through another week of remote learning semi-successfully. Bear didn’t finish all of his work, but we made progress. I also managed to tick a ton off of my task list, have a successful week of habits, and worked on my blog every day. I have another full week of morning pages under my belt! All successes that I can feel good about.

I’m still not reading, but trying not to dwell on it too much. I’m staying plenty busy without it right now!

Week 17 is set up and waiting to be filled. Another week of remembering to ask for help and not expect others to know what I need. Another week of trying to stay present even when I want to curl up into a ball and hide. Another week of figuring this all out!

I hope you all have a good one! Any exciting plans you’re looking forward to?

9 thoughts on “Hobonichi Weeks – Week 16 of 2020

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  1. Being a parent isn’t easy, especially when you’re with the children 24/7! Sometimes you just need to lock yourself in the bathroom with a good book and a cup of coffee. God bless!

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  2. I love that planner system ❤️ Autism is a tough challenge but you’ve got this! Just remember to forgive yourself for not being perfect and make sure you find a little time for yourself each day when you can just take a moment to breath.

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  3. Parenting is definitely one of the hardest jobs in the world. Remember to be kind to yourself (which I think you are, but it never hurts to get a reminder). I know that you’re doing a great job, even in the midst of these extraordinary times.

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  4. My heart aches for you, Katie. Sarah is right… be kind (and gentle) with yourself. Full time, no break parenting is not for the faint of heart! When I was overwhelmed (which was often) I would give myself a “time out” and take a moment or two to sit quietly, gather my thoughts, (and yes, cry!) and center myself. Just a moment or two sometimes was enough to get myself back together.

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