Reading and Knitting Round Up – Week 16 of 2020

Hello lovely readers and knitters! I love Wednesdays! They’re my favorite because of the communities I link up with:

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Recently Finished:

This is the first week of the year that I haven’t finished a single book. My reading motivation is nonexistent. According to last week’s habit tracker, I only read on three days. It’s just so hard to concentrate and I have a lot of nervous energy right now, which I’m working out by cleaning. The house is sparkling, which is awesome. But I miss curling up with a good book!

Currently Reading:

I started Anne of Windy Poplars last week on my Kindle, but I rejoined Audible because they have this series on audio and my library doesn’t. I’m hoping a switch to the audiobook is the trick I need right now.

I also started Raven Black on audio last week. I’m really enjoying it, but I have such a hard time concentrating on this format. I’m hoping I’ll figure it out this week.

I started The Brave Learner on my Kindle last night. Julie Bogart is amazing! And because I listen to her podcast, I can hear her voice in my head as I read this book, so it’s even more fun. I can even hear where she would laugh! This is full of practical and creative ideas about how to make your home a place full of learning and magic. I love it!

And yes – that’s three books that I’m “reading” concurrently, which I hardly ever do. I usually read one book at a time, systematically, to ensure completion and no confusion (because my brain is simple). But I’m so desperate to find something that I’ll stick with, that I’m becoming a dabbler! Alert the presses!

Up Next:

I still have The Last Guest House checked out from Overdrive but I think that loan is going to end soon. I’ll either borrow it again immediately or get on the waitlist if there is one.

I think I want to try The Murmur of Bees on audio. Most people rave about the book edition and it’s very highly rated on audible as well. It’s worth a shot!


I continue to make progress on my Birkin sweater not by long stretches of knitting, but by committing to picking it up in the quiet moments that pop up unexpectedly. Normally I’d be disappointed by this, but I’ll take it for now! I’ve separated the sleeves and have moved onto the body. I have about 6 inches before I start the ribbing. I’m loving how simple this project has become. At this point, there’s no row counting necessary even for waist shaping. Get this – after 4 inches, you just switch to larger needles to accommodate the increases. I love that!

My scrappy crossroads quilt is basted! It took three solid evenings to get it done, but here it is. Oh my goodness – the worst part is over! I’m hoping to spend a bit of time quilting it once I decide how I want to do it. But I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have the basting done! (For the non-quilters, basting is when you lay out the three layers of this quilt – the quilt top, the middle batting, and the backing – and then pin it all together so that you can then sew the three layers together. It’s tedious and can be physically taxing sometimes!)

I’ve continued to work on organizing the basement to suit my needs. I’m only doing this 10-15 minutes a day which is not how I usually do things. So it feels good to take my time, think about things, and slowly execute a plan. I’m gradually shifting towards a less “all or nothing” mentality, which is a relief.

That’s been my week in reading and stitching! How has yours been? Are you finding ways to focus on what you’re reading? Or do you feel like you’re floundering like I am? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


29 thoughts on “Reading and Knitting Round Up – Week 16 of 2020

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  1. I think you will enjoy listening to Murmur of the Bees! (I listened and read thanks to Kindle Unlimited!) I am stunned how quickly your scrappy quilt has come together! It looks awesome!

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    1. Thanks Kat. I used 108″ backing, so I didn’t have to piece that together at all — I’m thankful to my past self for ordering that!

      And thanks for the encouragement to try Murmur of the Bees on audio!


  2. I LOVE your scrappy crossroads quilt, she’s a beauty. Can’t wait to see how you decide to quilt her. Birken sweater is beautiful but that kind of knitting is way beyond my skill level which is dishcloths! Have a lovely week!

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    1. Thanks Gretchen! I’m so excited to be rounding a corner with this quilt. And thanks for the kind words about my sweater… and dish cloths are awesome too!! πŸ™‚


  3. I’m currently reading The Murmur of Bees for my book club and am enjoying it. It’s somewhat odd to read a book that takes place during a pandemic like ours but 100 years earlier! The parallels are startling. A fellow book club member raved about the audio version. Hope you enjoy it!

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  4. Ahh, just thinking about it makes me tempted to give the Anne books a reread! Or maybe some of the other books by the same author… I’m having similar issues with focusing on reading, though. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and read whatever my brain seems to want!

    Here’s my WWW post!

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    1. YES!! The Anne books are amazing right now. I like your strategy – whatever the brain wants, the brain gets! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your link!


  5. You are far from alone on not reading as much. It is hard right now. I just recently got my reading ambition back, but that was after a month of social distancing, so it took me awhile to adjust. I still have to force myself to tune everyone and everything out, so I can devote time to my reading. It is hard but worth it. Hope you can get more reading time in this next week! Both your on-deck books are on my TBR, so I hope they are good. Here’s my WWW:

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    1. Thanks Sarah! It’s good to hear that people are starting to get their motivation back and find ways to make reading a part of their lives again!

      Thanks for your link!

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    1. It’s been so helpful to look back and see that, even though it doesn’t feel like it, I AM doing things. I hope you’re able to work one into your new routine and that it helps you!

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      1. I hear you. I would say start small and with the things that you know you’re likely to do anyway! And to give yourself credit for the baby steps. So something like “reading” would be a great place to start – so if you read a single page, you can mark it off as “done” for the day.

        I used to use monthly habit trackers and I found those to be really discouraging. Now I’m tracking my habits weekly, so it’s much easier to brush off a bad week and leave it in the past, rather than see my “failures” every time I return to the page that month!!

        And I blog about my habit tracker weekly (on Mondays), which also keeps me accountable!

        Good luck! And let’s remember that this is a pandemic and that sometimes it’s helpful to just give ourselves a break!

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  6. My goodness, I’d say despite working in short blocks of time, you are very productive. Do you hand or machine quilt? For years I hand quilted quilts. It takes a very long time but I found the process quite meditative.

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