Reading & Knitting – Week 18 of 2020

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I’m linking up with Kat at As Kat Knits to share what I’ve been reading and knitting this week. Unraveled is a weekly linkup full of people with the loveliest projects and reads. Go check them out!

I wouldn’t say that my reading mojo has 100% returned, but I had a good reading week. I’ll say that more confidently if I can string a couple more weeks like this together. I feel like I’m finally falling into a predictable routine, which I’m thankful for.


Finished This Week:

How We Learn was well-written and engaging, but the content was still a bit on the boring side for me. I did a lot of skimming because he went pretty in-depth on the research projects he used to support his statements. I don’t think there was much surprising or useful for the layperson in this book. My takeaways: take breaks and use repetition.

Anne of Windy Poplars was lovely! I mostly listened to this book on audio and it was a great format for this story. LM Montgomery books are full of breathtaking scenery and persnickety old maids. I threw my head back and laughed out loud so many times in this one! I admit – it’s not my favorite of the series so far (not sure which is) and I was a bit annoyed about all of the letters to Gilbert. But next is Anne’s House of Dreams and I cannot wait.

Reading Now

I started my re-read of Deep Work this week. It’s so inspiring to read the strategies that people find to help them do their most creative and meaningful work. I’m not sure what my “deep work” would be right now but that’s okay. I still love this book!

A Room Full of Bones is my next Audible listen. When I started this series last year I was hoping to listen to it on audio, but it wasn’t available at my library in that format. But I’m going to give it a try now that I’m back on Audible. I can’t wait to have toast and tea with Ruth!


I’m still making good progress on my Birkin and aim to be on the ribbing by the time we meet again next week. This is still a wonderful project to have on the go and I’m so glad I finally started it in March. I’ve found myself putting everything else aside just to have a few minutes on the couch with it – I can see it grow with every stitch.

I’ve made zero progress in my other stitching projects and am so glad that I didn’t spend a lot of money on a few manic ideas. This week I’ve enjoyed settling down in the living room in the evenings and either reading on my Kindle or knitting with my audiobook at my side. It feels good to return to a new kind of normal!

How are things going for you? Have you found that you’re settling into a new normal? I hope so. Are you reading anything good? Or working on a project that you’re loving? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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  1. I need to get back to Elly Griffiths! Thank you for the reminder! I have spent the week watching some crochet YouTube videos in hopes of them helping me be more comfortable in the process!

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