Last week’s Hobonichi spread

  Just wanted to pop in and share last week's Hobo spread and check in on my productivity for the week. I read an amazing book (Sing, Unburied, Sing -- but more about that soon!) that was short but very heavy, so it took the entire week. So I didn't meet all of my reading goals,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review

I wasn't planning on a Tuesday post this week, but here I am: hopped up on tea and ready to write! I thought I'd share a snapshot of last week's spread in my planner and discuss my productivity for the week. Last week was a great week for me! I had Monday off for a scheduled... Continue Reading →

Weekly Tarot Spread

Happy Monday morning, friends! Many of you know how much I love reading Tarot cards. You can read My Tarot Philosophy here, but in a nutshell: I love how interpreting the cards taps into the hidden recesses of my brain. I spent a few minutes with my cards last night in anticipation for this week.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review

What a strange week! We're all continuing to get over a cold that knocked us flat last week, but I want to check in on my week's productivity nonetheless. I've been using my Hobonichi Techo Cousin to religiously track my time spent on various goals. I'm not sure if it's actually going to help me... Continue Reading →

Writing Priorities

I always start these posts thinking I'm going to be wise and insightful, but come off sounding whiny. I apologize in advance, but please know that I am using my very serious and very thoughtful voice and not my but life is so unfair! voice. I want to do more. I want to create something fantastic and... Continue Reading →

Old Book Lists

Longtime book list maker here. And now I have the evidence to prove it! A few weeks ago I found a couple of trusty notebooks that have traveled with me for a LONG time! The video above is the notebook that I started the summer of 2000, which would have been just before my junior... Continue Reading →

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