Hobonichi Weeks – Week 1 of 2020

I like to ease into Monday mornings by looking over my last week and thinking about my week ahead. As you can see from the picture below, I didn’t quite get to use my Hobonichi Weeks as I had anticipated. My middle bug moved a dining room chair to reach up to the high shelf in the kitchen where I keep this during the day. Remember when I said that his favorite activity in the whole world is ripping paper? My notebook was his victim this time!

It was only one page and could have been much worse. Lesson learned! I put the notebook even higher now and I’ve ordered a new cover, which I hope will slow him down if he finds it again. My relationship with him is more important than a notebook, which has taken me a while to learn. What a reminder!

Anyway, it was a good week! There were a few habits that I wanted to incorporate (practicing the piano regularly and posting on instagram daily) that have already fallen aside. That’s okay. I’m happy with what I’m able to do right now.

Last week I said that I was going to prioritize cleaning the bathrooms and I did! It felt wonderful to have that done on Monday morning and to not think about it all week. I also experimented with washing clothes only three days a week which also worked out well. I’m trying that again this week.

I changed up my writing log a bit. I didn’t like shading in the solid blocks, so I decided to riff on @journalwithpurpose and use hash lines for a very lovely effect. It was another week when I managed to write just a little bit every day – I’ll take it!

Next week is all set up and ready to go with a thoughtful housekeeping schedule. I’ve recently resolved to only vacuuming once a day and have been able to stick to that, which has not only given me back the time spent vacuuming all of those bits of paper everywhere, but has also given me permission to just breathe and enjoy the mess. I’m not constantly trying to keep it all tidy because I’ve just let that go. My writing log is waiting to be filled and my list of cozy things is waiting to be discovered. Let’s have a great second week of 2020!


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