Hobonichi Weeks – Week 3 of 2020

Happy Monday, friends! I like to ease into my blogging my week by sharing last week’s spread and this week’s plan in my Hobonichi Weeks. It helps me reflect on my routine and think about how it can be tweaked to optimize my homemaking.

Some combination of my children was sick every day last week so it was super tough. I managed to stay on top of most things except for the mail – I usually grab the mail while I’m waiting for my biggest bear’s school bus in the afternoon, but he was out of school Tuesday through Friday last week and it was too cold for me to make a special trip to the mailbox. Luckily, today is a holiday and there’s no mail delivered, so I’m planning to run out there and just take care of the whole lot. Start the week fresh!

I didn’t take my special trip to the library on Thursday because of sick children, but I did still manage to write at least a little bit every day. I’m hoping to beef up the time this week because I have a few larger posts on the horizon that I want to get started on.

Week 4 is ready to go! Last week I mentioned that I was interested in trying to spread my weekly chores out a bit more to include the weekends. I have been trying to avoid extra work on the weekends, but I’m wondering if it just makes sense to use those days a bit more productively. I’ve set up a little plan for this week and I’m going to experiment!

Now that we’re onto the 4th week of the new year, have you been using your notebooks the way you’d hoped? Is something getting in your way? Or have you found that they’ve energized you and helped you cultivate new habits? I’d love to see pictures and read more about your notebooks if you could leave links in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Hobonichi Weeks – Week 3 of 2020

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  1. I love spending a few moments in the morning writing down a few thoughts (from the previous day, usually) or a quote that has inspired me. It is the best way to ease into the day.

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    1. isn’t it? It’s so helpful to set the mood for the day by doing some sort of reflection. I think it allows me to look at the day a little differently and create an intention to lean back on when things get rough.


  2. Sorry you had sick littles I your house; hope they are all feeling 100% better. I keep a Traveler’s Standard Notebook for scheduling appointments, events, etc and am using a quarterly Full Focus Planner for tracking my daily agenda. Plus I have a thousand other “capture tools” that I’m trying/testing. Eventually I’ll hit the jackpot…
    Here’s to a calmer week!

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    1. The kiddos are getting better. But it’s been a long haul!

      “Eventually I’ll hit the jackpot” – ha! I know that feeling. It’s so hard to figure out the perfect planner. I looked up the Full Focus Planner – that looks really awesome!


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