10 Most Recent Additions to my TBR

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was so fun – simply share the ten most recent additions to your To Be Read stack. Thank you Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting!

Goodreads made this post very easy! I simply went to my “want to read” shelf and selected the last ten books that I added. I wish I did a better job of tracking where I get my recommendations because I’d love to give credit to other bloggers. I’m very sorry that I can’t.

  1. Mrs P’s Book of Secrets by Lorna Gray
  2. At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon
  3. The Missing Letters of Mrs. Bright by Beth Miller
  4. House on Endless Waters by Emuna Elon
  5. Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas
  6. House of Trelawney by Hannah Rothschild
  7. Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall
  8. Simon the Fiddler by Paulette Jiles
  9. A Castle in Wartime: One Family, Their Missing Sons, and the Fight to Defeat the Nazis by Catherine Bailey
  10. The Silver Road by Stina Jackson

It looks like I have a theme of home – lots of “house,” “home,” and “castle” in this mix. And there’s a slightly whimsical theme for some of the bookcovers, especially House of Trelawney and Mrs. P’s Book of Secrets.

There are so many books in this world. I know I won’t get to all that I want to read and sometimes that overwhelms me. But it’s also exciting to know that there’s so much to choose from and I’m never going to be bored!

Anything on this list look particularly enticing to you? Anything you’ve read and you’d like to share about it? Anything that you think I might enjoy based on this list of books? Please leave a comment!!

20 thoughts on “10 Most Recent Additions to my TBR

Add yours

  1. I have that same feeling a lot — that there are so many more books in the world than I’ll ever be able to read! I’ve never even heard of any of the books you’ve posted, so I’ll look forward to your reviews!

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    1. I just got a Goodreads notification that there’s a giveaway for House of Trelawney, if you’re interested!

      I’m trying to remember to take it one book at a time, but it’s hard! πŸ˜€

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