Books With Single Word Titles

This week's topic from Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl is Books with Single Word Titles. How fun! I went through my notebook of books and found all of the single word titles that I've completed since 2017. Enjoy! Plainsong by Kent Haruf | Matilda by Roald Dahl | Inheritance by Dani Shapiro | Autumn... Continue Reading →

Book Hangovers

Have you ever had a book hangover? Have you ever read a book and then realized that nothing could possibly meet your expectations ever again? Sometimes the writing is amazing and it leaves you feeling in awe of the power of words. Sometimes it's the story that takes your breath away. Every once in a... Continue Reading →

Favorite Couples in Books

Happy week of love! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite relationships in books. I don't tend to read a ton of romance, but authors are really good at sneaking in the intrigue in nearly every novel! I've tried to include a nice variety of relationships: long-standing and comfortable, new and spicy, unrequited and quiet,... Continue Reading →

More TBR

Today I'm joining Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl to share books on my TBR that I predict will be 5 stars. That's really easy, because I predict that every book that I add to my TBR is going to be 5 stars! I'm usually wrong, but that's okay. A few weeks ago I shared... Continue Reading →

Bookish Delights

Today I'm joining Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl to share some of my bookish delights. I'm an INFP and an Enneagram Type 4, so my surroundings are very important to me. I get really excited when I find the perfect something to make my space as beautiful as I can with my limited resources.... Continue Reading →

Favorite Books of 2019

I was so excited to write today's post - my favorite books of 2019. It's been a great year of reading for me and I had no problem coming up with a list of books that I loved. Some of these I read quickly and compulsively - just wanting more and more. Others I read... Continue Reading →

Books Under the Tree

Today I'm linking up with Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl and sharing the books that are going under the Christmas Tree tonight. I have a confession to make: I don't like owning books. I think books are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but I am really affected by my environment - if things feel out... Continue Reading →

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