Favorite Couples in Books

Happy week of love! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite relationships in books. I don’t tend to read a ton of romance, but authors are really good at sneaking in the intrigue in nearly every novel! I’ve tried to include a nice variety of relationships: long-standing and comfortable, new and spicy, unrequited and quiet, and born from the most difficult circumstances you can imagine. Love blossoms everywhere.

Armand and Reine-Marie

Hands down, my favorite couple is Armand and Reine-Marie Gamache. I love how well they gel, how thoughtful they are about each other, and how very much in love they remain. I also love how their scents combine to make Armand’s signature scent: sandalwood and rose water. I’ve included the four most recent books in this series because I feel like Reine-Marie has been featured more prominently as the series has gone on, which delights me.

Cormoran and Robin

This is an office romance taken to the next level. Robin is initially hired by Cormoran as a temp in his private detective agency but is hired on as an actual detective as the series progresses. And she’s engaged to her high school sweetheart! Yet – they both slowly realize that they each have feelings for the other. I love how Galbraith (Rowling) lets us in on what each is thinking because even though I’m on the fourth in the series, neither character has told the other nor crossed any professional boundaries, which makes this long-arching storyline delightful. Will they ever get together? I think it might ruin the fun!

Nancy and Henri

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this novel and was thrilled by Nancy and Henri’s love story! Nancy Wake worked in the French Resistance before being recruited by the British Intelligence Office. Along the way, she met and fell in love with frenchman Henri Fiocca. Their romance was pure fire and not to be missed!
(Code Name Hélène will be published on March 31, 2020.)

Jayber and Mattie

Jayber and Mattie’s love story couldn’t be more different than Nancy and Henri’s. In fact, some might not even call it a love story because Jayber and Mattie were never a couple nor did they ever acknowledge their feelings out loud. At a young age, Jayber devoted himself to Mattie despite her ill-fated marriage to someone else. Jayber Crow is one of my favorite characters in the whole world and his quiet devotion to Mattie is only one of the reasons that I love him so much.

Lale and Gita

This is the tale of a couple who met and fell in love in the Auschwitz concentration camp. It is harrowing and heartbreaking and hopeful. I gobbled up this story as quickly as I could because I was so invested in what was going to happen to these two!

Thank you to Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl for hosting this week’s linkup. Visit her post for more inspiration!

And how about you? Have you read any of these books? Is there a relationships that you read about that has stuck with you?


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  1. I am with you on Armand and Reine-Marie! Their relationship makes my heart sing! (another favorite of mine is Jimmy Perez and Willow Reeves in Ann Cleeve’s Shetland Series)

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  2. I’ve had the Cuckoo’s calling in my shelf for YEARS, so seeing it on this list gives me some hope I might still end up liking it even though I don’t have that much motivation to read it 😋

    My TTT.

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