Wednesday Round Up – Week 4 of 2020

Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the 4th week of the new year – how amazing is that? On Wednesdays I participate in two fun linkups:


Finished This Week:

Some weeks you finish 4 books and some weeks you finish 1 book – that’s just how it goes sometimes! This week I finished The German Heiress – a big thank you goes out to Netgalley and HarperCollins for an advanced copy. I found it difficult to sympathize with the main character, Clara. Her family owned very successful mines during WWII and the government brought in the enslaved Slavic people as free labor. Clara felt awful about their conditions and pleaded with the Nazi party for more food and better living environments for the people in her mines, but she still utilized the labor of these people for her own gains. As the Allied forces entered Germany and the war comes to an end, Clara fled her home out of fear of being tried as a war criminal. This book is set a couple of years after the war, when Clara returns to pick up the pieces of her life and come to terms with her decisions during the war.

I’m very interested in the stories of civilians in Germany during WWII, but like I said earlier, I didn’t find Clara sympathetic or really enjoy the passages written from her perspective. But I did enjoy a few of the auxiliary characters and found myself wishing that more were written about them. So I’m very glad to be moving on to my next book!

Abandoned This Week:


Currently Reading:

I started We Were the Lucky Ones last night and read about 40 pages. Of course, I know that tragedy and cruelty is about to strike this family and I’m so nervous about what’s about to come.

What’s Next:

I’m hoping to get to The Orphan’s Tale before my library loan expires – wish me luck!

I was sent an advanced copy of Joy at Work from Netgalley. I love Marie Kondo and while I don’t have an actual job right now, I’m still hoping to find some tips and tricks that will help in my workspaces around the house. I’m excited to find more ways to spark joy!

I checked out a physical copy of The Horse and His Boy from the library, but I’ve also gotten on the waitlist for the audio version. I know – I have the worst track record with audiobooks, but I’m an eternal optimist. This might be a good opportunity to squeeze in a bit more knitting!

(Last week I included Under Occupation by Alan Furst in this category. I’ve decided against it – it gets awful ratings and I don’t want to jump into a book that’s number 15 in a series! It was a moment of whimsy at the library and it will go back on the New Arrivals shelf, waiting for the perfect reader.)


I’ve made a bit of progress on my oldest’s sweater! It’s about halfway through the shoulder shaping, so I hope to have the arms separated by the time we meet next week.

I’m trying to implement naptime knitting – to drop everything and knit while the baby naps during the day. The problem is that she’s an unreliable napper! Sometimes she’ll nap for an hour, sometimes not at all. And I feel really guilty sitting on the couch and knitting while she’s raising a ruckus in her crib upstairs. But at the very least, I’m habit training for a quiet time in the middle of the day, which is also important (for mama and for babe).

I’d love to create a rhythm that includes writing early in the morning, knitting a bit in the middle of the day, and reading to my heart’s content late in the evening. I’d be ticking three boxes that fill my bucket — how wonderful is that?!

How is your week going? Are you reading anything you want to share? Found any great knitting patterns that you’re excited about? I’d love to hear about it!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Round Up – Week 4 of 2020

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  1. I’ve found that the best WWII-era stories are the ones that are based on true events and real people. Most of the entirely fictional stories I’ve read have been not good at best and exploitative at worst. I think you’ll enjoy We Were the Lucky Ones, though. It’s fictionalized, but it’s based on a real family’s experience.

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  2. I’ve heard good things about We Were the Lucky Ones. I hope you enjoy it. The Orphan’s Tale sounds like a really good read, too! I love the color you chose for your sweater. It’s such a pretty shade of blue. I hope you’re able to find a rhythm soon (though, I also know that’s easier said than done lol).

    Here’s my WWW post.

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  3. I am listening to Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns of August and it is fascinating. It is all about the lead up to and the start of WWI. I see why it is a Pulitzer prize winner!

    I really enjoyed We Were the Lucky Ones and I think you will too! Your sweater start is awesome and I too, love the yarn color!

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    1. Thank you for The Guns of August recommendation! My library doesn’t have it on audio, but it has an ebook. I’m putting it on my overdrive wishlist – I am feeling a little worn out on war books right now. We Were the Lucky Ones is doing a number on me!


  4. The sweater is off to a good start. I love the color. And kudos to you for creating a little time for yourself during the afternoon. Even 15 minutes can be helpful and refreshing.

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