Hobonichi Weeks – Week 2 of 2020

We just ended a very strange weekend. It was warm and we were able to play outside without coats! This weekend was an incredible January thaw but we’re expected to swing back into more seasonable temperatures soon. But really – it felt like spring! Those weekends are so much fun because they give us a glimpse of what’s to come. I’m already peeking at my crocus beds to see if anyone is trying to wake up. They’re not of course, but I will check nearly every day until they do!

There was nothing extra special about this week. My little cleaning routine is working out well. I’ve got it set up so that I don’t need to do very much on the weekends, but I am wondering if I should try something else? I am going to think this week about how and whether I could utilize the weekends so that things don’t feel so overwhelming during the week.

My writing time was much lower this week, but not for lack of making time for it. Now that the “end of year” posts are finished, my little blog doesn’t require quite as much time. So I don’t know if I should just let it be or if I should think about tackling some other early morning project? Let it be for now and see if anything presents itself.

Next week is all set up and ready to go. I switched pens – as much as I love the Pilot Precise pens, I’d forgotten how much they smudge in the Hobonichis. When I used my Hobonichi Cousin religiously, I’d found Pilot G-Tec-C in .25mm and loved it – they are gel pens that never smear, even if I use a highlighter. And that point? Wicked precise! I stopped using them once I finished the year with that Hobonichi because I had the hardest time writing with those pens on paper that wasn’t tamoe river. So I donated the rest of my box to the supply closet at work. Luckily I had two floating around in old purses and started using them again – and was reminded how perfectly they work in the Hobo! That was a very long paragraph just to say: my old pens were smudging and I found some that don’t. Ha!

I’m not sure where I want to focus this week, which is troubling since the week has already started! I think I’m going to work to strengthen the routines that I’ve been creating the last few months – early morning writing, late evening reading, and staying present as much as possible throughout the day.

Here’s to the third week of 2020!


4 thoughts on “Hobonichi Weeks – Week 2 of 2020

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  1. Oy, is it already the third week of the year? How is it going so quickly already?!

    We also had an unseasonably warm weekend (well, Saturday, anyway). We hit 71, breaking the previous record from 1800-something. As nice as it was, it’s also depressing to think about why it’s so warm, but I’ll also happily take a nice day on a weekend, when I can actually be out and enjoying it!

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    1. I know — the warm weather brings such mixed feelings. I’m glad you were able to enjoy a bit of the warmth before we dip back into winter weather!


  2. This month is just flying by! I will have to look for those pens – I like to write with a fountain pen, but it would be nice to have another pen in the rotation!

    My week is full and I am also contemplating blog life.

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