Hobonichi Weeks – Week 7 of 2020

Don’t blink, because we just finished the 7th week of the year. I hope you’re feeling some peace this Monday morning. The year continues to slide by and I hope we can all find the time and motivation for the things we love, despite being suspended in the dark days of winter.

I’m pleased with the week. I consistently wrote for my blog every day last week – I’d missed Sunday several weeks in a row, but was able to get motivated yesterday for an hour of writing time. But looking at this picture I realize that I forgot to fill in the rest of Sunday’s completed tasks – oh well, it looks like a nice day of vacation, right?

Both boys had a snow day on Thursday (their third in two weeks!), which was a fun change of pace. It’s gorgeous outside and they’ve been making good use of their sled with my husband. And mornings are so much more laid back when we’re not trying to get ready for a bus – I love it when we are on our own schedule.

I’m still not assigning tasks to certain days, just sticking with a general plan of what needs to be done throughout the entire week. This has been working well and I’ve remained diligent about most tasks. Nothing has come crashing down around me yet!

Week 8 is set up and ready to go. I have my coffee beside me, my mean old cat at my feet, my husband asleep in bed, my children quiet in their bedrooms, and my stack of notebooks on my desk. Tomorrow is my 36th birthday! Life is good!

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    1. Thanks Sarah! I wish Warren would have done better in NH. I think a lot of people struggled the way I did – they really like her and her policies, but worry that she won’t be “electable.” But if everyone who liked her actually voted for her, she could win! I just want this election season to be over — I’m so nervous about November!


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