Friday Cozies – Week 7 of 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! The weeks fly by so quickly – I feel like I was just writing last week’s cozy post. On Fridays I love to share a few things that I’ve been thinking about or have gotten me excited through the week. I hope you find something that strikes your fancy!

I’m looking forward to the premier of The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty on CNN on Sunday night. I love the royal family! I’m glad that the US doesn’t have a monarchy, but the history of the British royal family leaves me awestruck. How many times have I written that I should have become a historian in the Windsor Castle Archives? Go ahead: make a cup of tea and visit that link. I’ll be here when you get back.

Some of the images that CNN have been using to promote this series have been amazing. With Coldplay crooning that nobody said it was easy, we see a young Queen Elizabeth riding a stately horse with a pained and burdened look. Later in the same ad there is a very young Princess Diana with such a sad expression on her face. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait!

I don’t often binge shows anymore, but I binged the heck out of Cheer this week. This follows a junior college in Texas with a cheerleading legacy. It was powerful. There were cringe worthy moments for sure, but the documentary focused on the kids with the most powerful stories. I almost couldn’t believe some of their backgrounds were real and I’m trained as a social worker! I know these things happen to kids but it was touching to see their faces tell their own stories and then watch them devote themselves to a sport and their new family. I never thought I’d be so invested in a group of cheerleaders, but I was cheering them on from my couch! Seriously — this was incredible.

I loved everything about this graphic on Instagram this week! The content and the style were perfect for me!

I just discovered the Hachinosu sweater on Ravelry this week. I am all about a shawl collar — and this is the most amazing one that I’ve found! I’m imagining the collar and main collar in a pale pink and contrasted in a darker pink. Or blues. Or purples. Or greens. The possibilities! And look how cozy that looks! I’ve got to stop all of this pattern gazing and actually knit.

Can you tell that I’ve been watching a lot of TV this week? I think I’ve been struck by the midwinter doldrums. My reading and knitting have both slowed down and it’s hard to get myself excited about anything. But when I’m feeling like this, I lean back on the list in this post and ride the waves. Spring is coming and there are a million and three books that I want to get to SOON. There’s hope.

Happy Weekend, friends. I hope it’s good to you!


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  1. I’m also really fascinated by the royals, maybe because we don’t have a monarchy and it’s such a foreign thing. Or maybe it’s because I love anything with British accents and costumes!

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      1. I read a biography of her this past summer and was amazed by it. She’s unusual in the modern world for her immense dedication to what she sees as her duty, and her ability to keep doing the right thing…for decades!

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      2. Amazing! I’ve loved watching The Crown on Netflix — it shows how reluctant she is to be in the role in the first place.. and now she’s been the queen 65 years. Can you imagine?

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  2. I too am fascinated with the history of the British Monarchy (and perhaps the history more than the actual monarchy). But, this weekend on the History channel there is a mini-series on Washington narrated by Jeff Daniels. (and that sweater is yummy!!)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    1. Yes! Doris Kearns Goodwin has been making the media rounds to promote it – it looks so good. I don’t think we have the History channel though? I’ll have to check.

      Thanks for the kind words on the sweater – progress! I hope you had a great Friday 🙂


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