Hobonichi Weeks – Week 5 of 2020

Happy Monday! I missed last week’s Hobonichi check-in because I was down with the stomach bug. Instead of scurrying to pull together a post, I just let that one go. Onwards and upwards!

I am working hard to adjust the sleeping routines of my two youngest. The last couple of weeks they’ve been waking up between 4:30 and 5 in the morning, which is a challenge for me because that’s when I’m in the thick of my morning routine. And trust me – my morning routine is necessary for their survival!

Because I was so sick last Sunday and Monday, I didn’t have time to plot out my plan for cleaning when I set up last week’s spread. So I tried something different: I did what I could in the windows of time I could find. What a change! I still managed to do nearly everything I usually do because I have a rhythm down, but I didn’t feel so disappointed at the end of the day when I saw everything that I didn’t do. I simply marked off what I did do. The power of positive thinking works.

Nap time knitting didn’t go very well – most of the week the baby napped on me thanks to her illness. I was able to knit while holding my babies when they were very tiny, but she’s nearly two years old so that’s become more difficult. Instead, I’ve kept my kindle by my side for easy reading.

This week:

I’m making an effort not to plot and plan this week as well. I’ll do my typical quick clean after the boys get on the bus, play with the baby all morning, and find pockets of opportunity during our playtime. I love being able to front load my week: get as much done as possible early in the week when I’m motivated and energetic, so there’s less weighing on me as the week goes on. Let’s see what the week brings me.

Do you prefer to get specific when planning for your week? Or do you like to have a general idea about what you hope to get done and plod along? I think I’m a plodder by nature, but I try so hard to be a planner!


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  1. I am going to share what I did when my kids were little (and they were close in age!) When I had one, it was so easy to set a schedule and keep it, but by the time I had my last one (giving me 3 under 3) I learned quickly that sometimes the plan for the day and the reality of the day were not even on the same page. I found that it made for a calmer mother and happier littles to embrace reality and let my plan go. I am thankful they were all good nappers and were “early to bed” kiddos – those times gave me some sanity and the ability to get some clean up done. I am also so thankful that when it mattered, we had a cleaning lady who would come to do the “heavy lifting” every other week.

    The one thing I will tell you is that these days are truly fleeting and will be gone before you know it, so don’t get hung up on what you didn’t do… but more on what you did! XO

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