Friday | Another Finished Project?!

Good morning to you! Fridays are for JOY here at The Cozy Burrow. I love spending the week jotting things down in my notebook and then throwing them together as Friday nears. It’s a lovely way to finish my week and reflect on the good things happening around me — I hope they help you do the same. Today I have some knitting updates, pictures from the garden, and a tiny bit of bookish chatter. My coffee is ready is ready for our chat — how about yours?

I finished a pair of socks this week! This is the very clever SOHCAHTOA pattern (Ravelry link) pattern by our very own Sarah. You can work this pattern either toe up or cuff down and still follow the same sequence for the gusset and heel. Isn’t that smart? I tried both styles — the sock on the left is toe up; the one on the right is cuff down. I have to admit — I’m still a toe up fan! These are knit up in KnitPicks Felici Vampire Vibes. I started these back in the winter and put them aside to participate in a knitalong, but I’m happy to have them finished and another cozy pair of socks this fall!

I took the time to clean out my knitting bags and frog a few projects. I said goodbye to the Shifty sweater (Ravelry link) because my yarn choices just weren’t working for me. I loved the process of knitting it up and hope to try again when I find the right yarn. I also ripped out the Verandah Shade Shawl (Ravelry link) because I wasn’t enjoying that one very much. So my knitting needles and bags were empty for a bit and now I’m on my way with a fresh stock of projects for the fall.

I have started a new pair of DRK Everyday Socks with the yarn I rescued from the Verandah Shade Shawl (Ontheround Nimble Sock in Bayberry, now a retired color) and I’m getting started on the Inclinations Cowl (Ravelry link). I’m using Nightingale Fibers Madeleine Sport in Cherokee Spirit and Sweet Pea, which I got from this year’s NH Sheep and Wool Festival. It’s very nice to have busy needles again!

We’ve had a slight respite from the heat this week — still warm, but not as humid as it had been. We’ve even had some rain, which feels lucky given how dry it’s been. Last night’s storm was quite a soaker. And still – I’m feeling restless and looking for clues that the season is shifting. It’s no secret that fall is my favorite, but I’m still trying to find ways to enjoy the summer despite how I’m feeling. Appreciating the now is essential, especially when you’re trying to learn from nature. So I gather my courage from the flowers!

Our daylilies have finally started to bloom. I’m not sure why, but ours always seem to be the last ones in New Hampshire. We’ll drive down the road and point out all the lilies that have opened and wonder why ours are so far behind? It’s quite all right because we get to enjoy ours longer, just a curious thing. And somehow my snapdragons have survived quite a bit of neglect from me this summer! I’ve been thinking about next summer and my gardening goals (of course). I’m not sure how I’ll ever get my flowers to Tasha Tudor’s level. I study my copy of Tasha Tudor’s Garden several times a year and feel totally overwhelmed. How did one tiny woman do all of that work? And understand where to plant things and how to tend to them? Life goals.

And this week — I have been reading! The Booker Longlist has renewed my reading appetite and I have had a book nearby since it was released on Tuesday morning. I’ve updated my Libby holds list, borrowed a fresh stack from the library, and made some Interlibrary Loan requests. I also put in a Blackwell’s order for a few titles on the list that haven’t been published in the US yet (free shipping to the States and very reasonable prices) and I’m looking forward to their arrivals, which will come in waves since a couple were preorders. I love getting international packages!

And just a reminder that a few of us were considering reading The Shell Seekers together this August! We’re in the final days of July and I am getting very excited about diving into it. Anyone else? No worries if it doesn’t fit into your reading plans right now — but I’m hoping that I love this one as much as I loved Coming Home.

That’s it from me this week — and this month! Monday will be August 1st. Try wrapping your head around that! My weekend plan: I really hope to spend my morning writing time catching up with all of YOU! We’ll probably take a ride somewhere and I hope to bring my sock knitting to make a bit of progress there… and maybe even read a little something at some point? But I’m sure this weekend will include a LOT of frisbee throwing, a little garden watering, and plenty of sweeping! How about you?


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  1. Hooray for a finished pair of socks! I love the colorway and I’m so happy to see the garter section in the middle of the heel. I hope it’s extra squishy!

    We are watching the sunflowers in our garden. They’re getting bigger and bigger, but we’re not yet seeing signs of the flowers. I am excited to see if we end up with giant ones like we had several years ago — they were about 8 feet tall!


  2. Cleaning off the needles always feels so good, doesn’t it? Sometimes projects just need to be frogged… the yarn is dreaming of being something else! Right?

    I have never read any Pilcher…do you think I’d like Shell Seekers?


    1. Kat – everyone I’ve talked to has said that they LOVED The Shell Seekers. And most of those people claim it’s their favorite book of all time. I think it’s a pretty good chance that you’ll at least like it!!

      And yes — it felt so nice to reclaim my needles and yarn and to start fresh. I’m hoping for lots of knitting this fall and am relieved to clear the decks before that gets started!


  3. I read Shell Seekers a few years back and enjoyed, but don’t really want to read again – too many good books calling to me right now! Love your finished socks. I just finished a pair last night and then this morning I wound 3 skeins of yarn…thinking of a cowl for my sister-in-law, maybe a hat for my brother and maybe a shawl for a friend…or a pair of socks for me! LOL I’ve been picking two snap dragon stems every few days and putting them in a little vase that I have on our fruit platter on the buffet. I love seeing the flowers mixed in with the fruit! Have a great weekend!!


  4. Love those socks! And we have had the hot temps. recently here too. Thankfully, it’s been cooler this week with the low 80’s. So that’s been nice! I just bought The Shell Seekers in ebook format for my Kindle a few days ago when it was on sale! If I can fit it in, I’ll read along with you. I read on my Kindle at night before going to bed. So I try to always have an ebook going. I’m working on one right now, but I hope to be finished with it within a week. Since I read ebooks at night in bed, I don’t get as much read so they take a little longer. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Yay! I hope we all love The Shell Seekers. I keep hearing everyone say that it’s their favorite book ever, which is promising ๐Ÿ™‚ And thanks for the kind words about the flowers – they really help me get through summer!

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    1. I totally get it!! I can’t do anything in bed except sleep. I’m one of the lucky ones who can fall asleep in just a few seconds. I hope you’re able to read The Shell Seekers with me, but no pressure. That book has been around for a long time and isn’t going anyway, especially now that you have it on your Kindle ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. I definitely want to join along if I can. How is it set up? Is this a read-along like with a schedule or with blog posts, that sort of thing? Or are you all just reading at your own pace and checking in with each other?


      2. Karen – I just replied to your email but am replying here again, just in case someone else had your same question and is checking back for an answer ๐Ÿ™‚

        This is totally laid-back, no pressure, no timeline, no expectations! Feel free to leave comments on my blog or send me emails to chat. It’s more like a read-at-the-same-time than an official read-along!!

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  5. Yay for a new pair of socks! (and for continued sock mojo – I’m sure your sock drawer loves it!) My Blackwells order has all shipped – bookmail is the best mail (unless I have yarn coming … and then it might be a toss-up!) I cleared my needles, too, this week – except for Umaro. I started a pair of socks and a dishcloth, and can’t quite decide what else to start next. Enjoy those drives this weekend!


  6. What a joyful post. Sounds like youโ€™ve got some nice plans for the weekend. Iโ€™m reading one of the books I bought at the new bookstore in town last week. Unlikely Animals by Annie Hartnett. So far itโ€™s fun! Kind of quirky! And I just finished a great read, Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell. I loved it! Iโ€™m gonna just do some chores and exercise and read this weekend, thatโ€™s my plan!


    1. Fun books!! So glad to hear that you’re enjoying Unlikely Animals – I keep meaning to get to it but haven’t yet. Your weekend plan sounds balanced — I hope you enjoy it!

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