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Letting Myself Breathe

PROLOGUE: I’ve been trying to publish this post since Tuesday, but have been having technical difficulties with my blog. Something about missing SSL certificates, whatever the heck that is. But thanks to lots of time chatting with tech support, it looks like I’m back up and running. It was the perfect pairing for this week… Continue reading Letting Myself Breathe

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“Blackberries need the rain AND sun” — on writing and its fuel

When we moved into our house, we started planting berry bushes almost right away. Our blueberry bushes have exploded in the last few weeks, and we've already picked all of our raspberries and strawberries. We were lucky to find some wild blackberry bushes all over the bluff down to the river behind our house. My… Continue reading “Blackberries need the rain AND sun” — on writing and its fuel