Bookish Chatter | Nearing the End of October!

Happy Wednesday, friends. There's only a handful of days left in October and I've been savoring these last few days before Halloween. The weather has been beautifully Halloween-y: rainy, cloudy, plenty of fog. The slippery leaves on the ground add an extra layer of eeriness! I have been so pleased by the fall this year.... Continue Reading →

August 2022 Reading

Despite my recent love letter to August, I am very happy to flip past it on my calendar. There were some wonderful moments in the garden and with family and friends, and still - you know me. I'm ready for fall and the cozy season. I'm especially ready to turn my attention towards activities in... Continue Reading →

Bookish Chatter | I’m On A Roll

How can it possibly be Wednesday again?! This week has gone by in a blur, probably because I've had my nose stuck in a book during every conceivable second. Remember how I always say that I ebb and flow? Sometimes I can't imagine reading anything and sometimes I can't do anything but read? Well... proceed... Continue Reading →

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