Letting Myself Breathe

PROLOGUE: I’ve been trying to publish this post since Tuesday, but have been having technical difficulties with my blog. Something about missing SSL certificates, whatever the heck that is. But thanks to lots of time chatting with tech support, it looks like I’m back up and running. It was the perfect pairing for this week... Continue Reading →

Weekly Tarot Inspiration

How does the weekend always go so fast?! Yet, here we are again - dragging ourselves out of bed and pouring cups of coffee to jump start the day. But perhaps you're not? Perhaps you're already looking forward to what's coming your way this week? I hope it's the latter for you! I'm excited to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Tarot Spread

Happy Monday, friends! I'm here to share my tarot spread to guide me through the week.  Just a reminder that I'm not a professional tarot reader and you can take a look at my tarot philosophy here. Today the cards reminded me that all of our challenges have a solution, as long as we keep... Continue Reading →

Weekly Tarot Spread

Happy Monday morning, friends! Many of you know how much I love reading Tarot cards. You can read My Tarot Philosophy here, but in a nutshell: I love how interpreting the cards taps into the hidden recesses of my brain. I spent a few minutes with my cards last night in anticipation for this week.... Continue Reading →

Weekly & Full Moon Tarot Reading

Not only does another week start tomorrow, but tonight is a full moon.  Usually I get together with a friend on the full moon to do a reading, but she's celebrating her birthday with her mother this weekend.  We're going to get together tomorrow night, but I couldn't pass up this chance to do my... Continue Reading →

Three Card Draw – July 29, 2017

I don't think I've ever written about my tarot habit before.  I love tarot cards - not because I think they help me predict the future or because I think I'm psychic, but they help me tap into what I'm really thinking and hoping for.  I'll spend some time writing about my tarot philosophy soon,... Continue Reading →

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