Weekly Tarot Spread


Happy Monday, friends! I’m here to share my tarot spread to guide me through the week.  Just a reminder that I’m not a professional tarot reader and you can take a look at my tarot philosophy here.

Today the cards reminded me that all of our challenges have a solution, as long as we keep a playful spirit and a flexible heart. Everything is going to turn out as it should as long as we stay on the path towards the bigger picture.

I love these simple three card draws; they’re short, sweet, and to the point. I do daily draws too, but they get much more complicated! I also love that I write these in my weekly spread in my planner so that it’s easy for me to refer to when I start to get overwhelmed by everything going on.


These reminders are perfect to keep me on track and focused on the bigger picture. That II of Pentacles is the perfect playful visual for me – easy come, easy go. While money is my biggest concern right now, that just reminds me that there’s always more money out there, it’s going to come and go. There’s not a thing to worry about!

I hope your week is getting off to a great start and that this little reminder is helpful for you. I love adding these weekly uplifting messages, so I hope you’re finding them fun too!


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