Weekly Review

I wasn’t planning on a Tuesday post this week, but here I am: hopped up on tea and ready to write! I thought I’d share a snapshot of last week’s spread in my planner and discuss my productivity for the week.


Last week was a great week for me! I had Monday off for a scheduled ultrasound and doctor appointment, and then ran some errands. I was able to deposit all of that money that I rolled, got my license renewed at the DMV, and even had a nice lunch out with my husband (which was budgeted for and not put on a credit card!). The rest of the week was the usual grind – work during the day and filling the cracks with the people and things that I love. Here’s an update on my goal progress:

Reading Goals

  • This year I’m aiming to read 65 books, or 1.5 books a week.
    • I finished 3 books last week and started two more! I’ve since abandoned one of those.
  • I plan to read at least 500 pages a week.
    • I read nearly 800 pages last week and am currently 1,135 pages ahead of schedule.
  • I will read one chapter of War and Peace a day.
    • Last week I read 5 chapters of War and Peace – I skipped the weekend. But last night I read two extra chapters, so I’m all caught up!

Writing Goals

  • I will write in my journal and do daily mindfulness exercises 7 days a week.
    • Last week I did this 5 days and skipped Saturday and Sunday.
  • I will write three blog posts a week.
    • Although I published three blog posts last week, I wrote one way ahead of time. I only wrote and scheduled two blog posts!
  • I will write something non-blog related 1 hour a day, 3 days a week.
    • Nope – didn’t happen at all last week.

Take Aways

Saturday and Sunday continue to be my weak spots. Perhaps I was too ambitious to hope for seven days a week of doing anything. I’ve had stretches where I can journal seven days a week, which is why I thought it would be possible. But maybe I want to consider giving myself some down time? My guess is that as soon as I do that, I’ll be waking up to journal on the weekends!

And that non-blog writing time is really difficult for me to focus on. I want to just give up on it and spend that time here at my blog instead. But no, I’ll give it a while more and try different strategies to find something that works. I’m sitting here staring at my box of index cards with all of my chapters lined up and ready to go. It shouldn’t be that hard, folks!

That’s one of the things that I love about following writers on Twitter. Especially Anne Lamott, who writes the funniest and most down to earth encouragements out there:

The problem is: I’m usually at work when she tweets those out and I can’t just clock out and start pounding the keys, despite wanting to. The trick is going to be finding the most productive part of my day when I’m not at work and utilizing it like a boss. And I will. And so will you!


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