My Morning Mindfulness & Daily Hobonichi Spread


Esme Wang recently published a beautiful ebook called Productivity Journaling with Limitations: The Morning Ritual.  It was the exact guidance that I was looking for at the perfect time.  I’d just ordered my new hobonichi and was excited to try some new layouts.  I knew that I wanted to resume my daily tarot pulls but was struggling with the right place to jot down my thoughts.  I wanted to start the morning in a mindful way like I’d started doing this winter, but… how and where do I put all of this so that I’ll look at it everyday?

I was doing intentions in my bullet journal, but they were getting buried by pages.  I needed a way to make sure that I spent a little bit of time every morning thinking about the person I wanted to be.  When I got an email from Esme, I knew that she’d have the answer!  She sent the email in late June and my hobonichi didn’t start until July, so I practiced a bit in my bullet journal until then.  But when I moved into the hobonichi on July 1st, everything just fell into place.


I’ve found a way to track my time; write down my daily to-do list; track the weather and sunrise/sunset; have a daily thought of a gratitude; record my daily tarot draw; set an intention; track my progress on my writing, knitting, and reading projects; jot down any big news story; and write a daily wrap up — all on ONE PAGE!

I tried to do this in my bullet journal, but everything was so disjointed there.  Here: it just fits.

I am over the moon!

Instead of setting a monthly intention, I do it daily.  I leave this book spread open at my desk at work and refer to it often.  I look at my daily tarot draw and see if I can find anything relevant to my life at that moment if I need a little direction.  I remind myself of the intention I set for myself – usually it’s a variation on being an open and kind person, being a person with open eyes and heart.  Sounds a little woowoo, I know.  Trust me – do I know!  But there are just little techniques that I’ve been using to ground myself throughout the day and friend, I think it’s working.

I go through spells when I’m super productive, but it always feels like I’m on a high and am just waiting for the crash on the other side.  It doesn’t feel like it’s all or nothing now.  I’ve been realistic about what I plan for each day.  I’ve been thoughtful about what I perceive as my daily strengths and weaknesses – because of course, this changes every day!

I’m about two weeks into this routine and am hoping that it lasts.  I can’t wait to do a flip through with you at the end of the month!


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