Weekly Review

What a strange week! We're all continuing to get over a cold that knocked us flat last week, but I want to check in on my week's productivity nonetheless. I've been using my Hobonichi Techo Cousin to religiously track my time spent on various goals. I'm not sure if it's actually going to help me... Continue Reading →

June BuJo Set Up

Happy Monday, friends!  I am so happy to say that I scheduled today off from work and now it is NAP TIME, which gives me a chance to publish a few blog posts that I've been itching to write.  It was hard to know where to start because I have so much to share, but... Continue Reading →

Morning Pages are a Morning Miracle

Tomorrow will be the three month mark for my morning pages.  On December 21 I started a morning routine of writing in my journal every single day.  Much to my surprise, I've only missed a handful of days which makes this my longest stretch of journaling ever! I've always wanted to be the person who had... Continue Reading →

Reading Is Not A Competitive Sport

I heard a phrase on last week's episode of What Should I Read Next that's stuck with me: "Reading is not a competitive sport."  And sometimes, I agree with that statement.  Making it competitive can be fun when you're doing well in the competition, but it isn't as fun when you're losing.   I'm aiming to... Continue Reading →

January Intentions

I realize that we are nearly two weeks into January so it's a little late for me to be sharing these, but something that I'm hoping to set each month is a new set of intentions and mantras.  There's a lot out there about the Law of Attraction - basically, what you put out into... Continue Reading →

2017 Goals

Happy New Year!  2017 is finally here and I am stoked for a ton of reasons.  New years always feel like a fresh start.  I love setting specific and measurable goals (can't you tell that I work in Quality Assurance?) and plugging away to reach them.  I know that this is a reading and writing... Continue Reading →

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