January Intentions

I realize that we are nearly two weeks into January so it’s a little late for me to be sharing these, but something that I’m hoping to set each month is a new set of intentions and mantras.  There’s a lot out there about the Law of Attraction – basically, what you put out into the universe is what you get back – and part of ensuring that you’re putting your true desires and needs in the hands of the universe is knowing what those are.

picture from @honeyrozes

One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram is @honeyrozes.  She is a bullet journaler with a minimalist style that is refreshing to me.  She’s an artist, so her bullet journals are full of beautiful things, but she has layouts that are inspirational and achievable for non-artists like me.

Drawing heavily from a picture that she posted recently and I have inserted into this post, I started thinking about what I hoped to achieve in January.  And I don’t mean how many books I hope to read, or how many blog posts I’ll write, or how many things I hope to knit.  I was thinking about the kind of person that I want to be.  So I started by writing down some of the themes that swirl around in my head so often and I feel like I just can’t conquer.  The few that I was able to verbalize were: self worth, creativity, grace and dignity, love, and success.

From there, I set three intentions, which I’ve never done before.  To do that, I thought a lot about the themes that I wrote down.  What were three things that I could embody that would help me resolve as many of those themes as possible?  Here’s what I came up with:

  • I intend to value my contributions to the world and not allow others to make me feel inferior feel inferior to others.  (After a few days of repeating this intention, I felt that saying “and not allow others to make me feel inferior” still gave too much power to other people and their actions.  So I tried to take more control of my own self worth by saying that I just wouldn’t feel inferior to others.  Period.)
  • I intend to speak fairly and kindly about others, no matter what.
  • I intend to be a bottomless well of love and support.

I also wanted to come up with a fast and easy mantra that I could repeat to myself in a moment of need.  I often get distressed about feeling inferior and less important than other people throughout the day.  I also get frustrated in the mornings with the boys when I’m trying to get ready for work and they are acting totally age appropriately but still make my mornings a nightmare.  And the one person that I could think of that always seems the most in control of her emotions and appropriate in public is Queen Elizabeth II (of course, you know how much I love royalty).  So, almost as a joke, I wrote down this mantra: I have the grace and presence of a queen.


So what do I do with these?  There’s something called a Miracle Morning, and Kara at BohoBerry outlines her routine here.  But here is my own mini-version:  I set my coffee pot to brew the night before, so there is a hot pot of coffee waiting for me when I wake up the next morning.  I do my morning pages, which usually takes about an hour.  And then I spend 5 minutes with my intentions.  I set an alarm for three minutes, which I use to repeat my intentions and my mantra over and over (the time passes surprisingly quickly).  And then I set an alarm for two minutes, which I use to visualize my ideal life.  That usually involves living in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere and being surrounded by children, animals, and books, ha!  Even though I only spend two minutes on it, the visualization is the hardest part for me, but I keep trying.

Results?  It’s too soon to tell.  This is one of the things that I hope to report back on in February.  And of course my mind is already swimming with themes for next month!


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